Mitt Romney denies war veteran's constitutional rights for being gay

The video below shows Obama's opponent in the upcoming elections, Mitt Romney. In it, he indirectly tells a Vietnam War Veteran that if he wins, he is not to have his constitutional rights (burial benefits, medical benefits, hospital visitation rights) just because he is gay. 

Here's Romney's stand on Gay Marriage and Civil Unions.

February 21, 2005: Speaking at a Republican rally in South Carolina Republicans (Source)

Chris Matthews: Do you think there's any difference, really, between a gay marriage and something called a civil union?

Mitt Romney: Well, I would rather have neither, to tell you the truth. I'd rather that domestic partner benefits, such as hospital - hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples. I don't want civil unions or gay marriage. But there is a difference, even when just the word is the difference.And the difference is that, if you indicate as a society that you're indifferent between a same-sex couple marrying and a heterosexual couple marrying, then it means our schools and other institutions are going to have to indicate that there is no difference whatsoever, and that obviously has societal consequences that are important.

God forbid that he will win the presidency. As this is but one of the considerations of voters in the upcoming election, I hope that Obama's bid for equality regardless of race and gender orientation will somehow become a factor when people finally make a choice. 

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