Ang Nawawala, The Mistress open in cinemas on September 12, 2012

Two must-see Filipino movies will open in local cinemas on September 12, 2012. First one is the Cinemalaya favorite and winner of the Audience Choice Award for the New Breed Category, Ang Nawawala. Tagged by some critics as a bourgeois-juvenile film and criticized for unapologetically representing the middle-upper class society, the film is a beautiful depiction of a young man's attempt to rejoin a life that has been marred by a death in the family. It is a refreshing departure from movies that exploit and dwell on poverty and from the biased, one-sided way of thinking that seems to believe that this is the only reality that matters. 

Ang Nawawala is showing in an impressive list of select cinemas that independent movies usually find hard to penetrate.


When you are done watching Ang Nawawala, also check out the latest hitmaker of Star Cinema featuring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, the same reel-life couple that gave us the contemporary classic, One More Chance.  It is directed by one of the studio's top directors, Olivia Lamasan, that also directed obras like Madrasta, Minsan, MInahal Kita and Sana Mauit Muli.

It has been reported that The Mistress has been drawing flak for supposedly glamorizing mistresses. I am guessing that such criticism could only come from the narrow minds that draw conclusions off a three-minute trailer. One thing is certain though, The Mistress offers a different look at the subject and presents characters that are neither good nor bad. It presents a story of people that act and react the same way as most of us do when we are hurt or when we fall in love.

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