Youth-oriented movies to watch out for this August

This August, youth-oriented movies take local cinemas by storm as five highly anticipated movies about this generation's youngsters are presented by new breed and studio productions alike.

Ranked by level of anticipation (or quality for the ones that I have already seen), here is my list.

1. Ang Nawawala (Seen. Rating 4.5/5)

Synopsis: Gibson Bonifacio stopped speaking as a child. He is now twenty years old, returning to Manila from his studies abroad, his first visit home in three years. He finds his family trying to keep it together, his mother still hurting from a tragic loss in the past. In the backdrop of the vibrant local music scene, his childhood best friend reaches out to him, and he finds a chance at his first real romantic relationship. Amidst the holidays, Gibson reconsiders and redefines his relationships with his family, his friends, and with himself.

Originally shown at the Cinemalaya, Ang Nawawala is set to be screened at UP Diliman on August 4, 2012. 

2. I Do Bidoo Bidoo 

Synopsis: Created as a tribute to the songs of the APO Hiking Society, the film tells the story of two families: the Polotans and the Fuentebellas and the conflict that ensues when Rock Polotan, played by Sam Concepcion, impregnated Tracy Fuentebella (Tippy Dos Santos).

Playdate: August 29, 2012.

3. The Animals (Seen. Rating 3/5)

Synopsis: Set in an affluent, upper middle class village in the suburbs, "The Animals" chronicles a day in the life of Jake, Trina, and Alex, who go through the musings that every kid in high school has to deal with. 

Originally shown at the Cinemalaya, this was screened at UP Diliman last August 1st. Hoping that this flawed but daring film would  have a commercial run or at least a DVD released soon.

4. The Reunion

Synopsis: Featuring the songs of the iconic band, the Eraserheads, The Reunion follows a group of friends (Enchong Dee, Kean Cipriano, Xian Lim and Enrique Gil) in their search for the true meaning of love and happiness.

Playdate: August 15, 2012

5. Just One Summer

Synopsis: This is a story of a wounded, teenage boy forced to spend time with the father he hates; a father who wants to reconnect with a son who has shut him out of his life; of a clueless, provincial girl who will make it all a bit easier simply by being in-love and by being loved by one boy. Three changed lives in just one summer.

This may be worth checking out as it stars two of the most popular stars of GMA7, if only to see why the heck are they so popular these days. It is also interesting to note that this will be shown on the same playdate as Abs-Cbn/Star Cinema's The Reunion.

Playdate: August 15, 2012

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