Yes to saved sex, No to safe sex

This is one of those things that is so stupid, you just have to stop and make sure if you got the thing right. But sadly this is very real. Proudly posted at the anti-Reproductive Health Bill rally at the Edsa Shrine today, the slogan, that is quickly making its rounds on the web has now become an object of ridicule and of serious concern for proponents of safe sex. 

The venue, that was once a proud home of a the country's collective stand against a dictator has now become a hub for those that blindly follow the church. As the vote for the much needed bill draws near, the debate has intensified and has already taken to the streets.

But going back to the controversial slogan that speaks of the church's unrealistic stand for abstinence, here are some other ways that it could be interpreted. Saved sex daw could mean:

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  1. Anonymous8/05/2012

    The lunacy of the church.

  2. Thank you for a good read. You definitely got a point in terms of safe sex.



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