The politics of the church and the RH Bill

I often wonder what kind of reality the church lives in for them to oppose the Reproductive Health Bill. And what kind of God they are following that would prefer that the living suffer and be blinded by fear instead of acquiring knowledge and means that may help uplift the quality of their lives. 

As the debate for the RH Bill continues, more and more lawmakers are (reportedly) deflecting support for fear of loss of votes from a politically powerful Catholic majority. 

Back in 2008, I wrote, "Fighting ignorance is key to progress. Religious beliefs are ours to hold and preserve but not to the extent of blindly following church leaders who turn away from facts and promote fallacy in the name of God. These people, in my opinion, turn against the basic principles that they preach everyday. They play with the ignorance and the beliefs of people by providing half truths and lies made up to be facts. I read in the bible somewhere that this is what the devil does. I wonder whose side the church really is on these days."

It is sad to note that we have not progressed nor moved forward from this same issue four years later. Meanwhile, as the critical vote at the House of Representatives draws near, church leaders have supposedly been asking lawmakers to either vote against the bill or boycott the voting session. The church still maintains that there are alternatives to the bill but over the last four years, let me ask, what has the church done to uplift the lives of Filipinos? Apart from the lip service and telling people whom to blame for their poverty, have they done anything else? 

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  1. Anonymous8/04/2012

    Very sad and frustrating. The catholic church is this country is still medieval.

  2. Anonymous8/04/2012

    I feel like punching that priest for being so ignorant.



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