Teleperformance gets employees ire over viral text message

Going viral on the web right now is this text message supposedly sent by the call center Teleperformance in response to the government's suspension of work in the private sector this morning. The infamous text was received by employees at around noon today saying that the company "do(es) not take orders from the government." 

While usually, the government does not rule on behalf of private sectors, the Malacañang made an exception today due to extreme flooding conditions in the NCR and its surrounding provinces. 

This, however, is what is posted in the official Facebook page of Teleperformance as of 2PM today (three hours ago from posting and two hours after the text message was sent as per time stamp).

Also, as of an hour ago (4PM) this was posted on Facebook.

While it may be true that the company sent the circulating text message, they have made adjustments in the later hours and have advised their employees that work for today is optional. And while people still dwell on the negative, I hope that employees will keep themselves informed and updated before posting information like this online. 

At the end of the day, businesses also need to survive calamities like this but employee safety remains most important. 

*If your BPO is not complying w Malacanang's conditions, you may email complaint at bpap@bpap.org addressed to Benedict Hernandez

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  1. Anonymous8/07/2012

    Wag na lang kasing palakihin ang issue.

    But for me, the line: "... the company "do(es) not take orders from the government" -- seem too hard, but I guess the management or the one who sent it didn't mean ill against or toward the government.

    It is sometimes too bad to rely or base anything on SMS alone. People should learn how to verify facts first prior to reacting.

  2. Ayos ang TP ah! May sariling gobyerno :)

  3. Anonymous8/08/2012

    Wrong choice of words (if indeed that was sent by TP management) but their bulletins are spot on.

  4. yinyang8/08/2012

    diba mission control sends those blasts ;) maybe that mc did not reach out to his superior muna before sending that sms. if you know who that mc is let us know. lol.

  5. Ang tawag dito ay power tripping.. maaaring kailangan ng mga pilipino ng trabaho pero walang pera ang maibabayad mo kapag nanganganib na ang buhay ng empleyado mo. kaya ba nilang bayaran ang buhay ng mga empleyado nila kapag may masamang nangyari sa kanila.

  6. yessir8/09/2012

    hindi management ang nag send nyan. mission control. and even if ever power tripper yung management they are not stupid to spread this kind of message knowing the impact sa employees and sa media. duh. ang process ng text blast is yung mission control gumagawa ng message tapos pina pa check sa operations. bitayin ang mission control na yan! taking things to his own hands.

  7. Anonymous8/09/2012

    the message and exact words came from a manager directing mission control to send the message to the agents. bobo ka yessir.

  8. Anonymous8/09/2012

    basta taga call center bading!!!

  9. To this: "basta taga call center bading!!!"

    1. Your comment is irrelevant and totally obnoxious.
    2. There is nothing wrong with being gay
    3. Next time you post, include your name so we can at least have a little idea why you are such an ill-informed troll.



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