Review: I Do Bidoo Bidoo

In an earlier post I said that I Do Bidoo Bidoo seemed to have all the right ingredients to make a good movie. It is then hard to imagine that more than halfway through the film, I was still waiting for that moment when it finally becomes great and not just show mere glimpses of okay na scenes that seem to insult the film's potential and hype.

Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and hailed by several columnists and critics as the 'movie of the year,' I went on the earliest possible screening when I got off work today. My excitement quickly turned sour at the first musical number. For some reason, there was no fluidity in the shift from regular dialogue to song and this is prevalent throughout the film. Some of the numbers are clunky and very awkward. And while the songs are familiar and the performances are beyond decent, the movie just fares better when some of the characters aren't singing. The heart of the film was conveyed best when the actors just talked and people stopped doing the awkwardly choreographed numbers.

Ogie Alcacid at some point gives you a feel like you are watching a bad episode of Bubble Gang while Neil Coleta's character felt a little out of place and unnecessary. Add up the fact that he was neither a good singer nor a dancer, the token character could have been an interesting addition if given to a more credible actor.

Since this is a musical, Chris Martinez somehow thought it necessary for maids to waltz around even if they were just handing out towels and that was pretty annoying. And then there's the make-up. Sam looked bronzed throughout the film and I am not sure if that was their way of making him look poor. I guess I wasn't handed the memo that said, 'Pag mahirap ka, kailangan maitim ka.' In contrast, Zsa Zsa's make-up appeared ghostly and that was also distracting.

Finally, a love scene towards the end that was supposed to look comical just looked dirty and generated more eews in the cinema rather than laughter.

While I Do Bidoo had its shortcomings, the talents employed were so good that they managed to salvage the film and make it enjoyable. Eugene Domingo more than makes-up for what she lacks in vocal prowess by giving us a character that was on the verge of losing it but was keeping herself together for her family. She was provided stellar support by The Company's Sweet Plantado and Frenchie Dy though both women seemed underutilized.

Tippy dos Santos was a natural, and though this is her first movie (?), she held her own against the more experienced actors in the cast. Sam Concepcion, on the other hand, gives the film credibility. Whenever in doubt if the movie works as a musical, Sam is able to ease in to his songs and at least for a few minutes, gives the audience a movie musical that they expect to see. I am not even going to go into how hot he is because he is ridiculously scorching that it makes me want to throw every bit of objectivity out the window and just give this film an A Rating as well.

In the end, I Do Bidoo Bidoo is a little too clunky and too awkward to live up to the media hype. And though it had its moments, they just weren't enough to even have this film in the same vicinity as the likes of Mamma Mia.

Rating: 2.5/5
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  1. Anonymous8/30/2012

    I was waiting for a whole paragraph dedicated for Sam C.

  2. I have one with a little bit of Tippy. Here's a little more.

    I was reading through reactions of people as to how good Sam is. For some of us, we already that. His stage performances reflect the same quality. For those that didn't, this is definitely the vehicle that puts him in the spotlight.

  3. Anonymous8/31/2012

    I so agree with your review!! In some instances, you had to wait for the music to go on, awkward pause!! And in others, the lips weren't moving at the same time as the singing!! What's up with all the Zsa-zsa cleavage shown? And was it the movie house or was the sound quality poor? All that charcoal make-up on Sam, Eugene and Ogie especially under the eyes were to make them look poor? Please. It gave you nothing on why Zsazsa and Gary made up in the end. Yakap sa Dilim would have solved that issue but it was not even sung!

    I thought it would be hard to go wrong with these actors and these songs. It's true the actors (esp Gary) managed to make it worthwhile but I thought with a little bit more quality, it would have gone down much more easily.

  4. Anonymous8/31/2012

    two years ago there was EMIR and now I DO BIDOO BIDOO what a great filipino musical. yung mga hindi naka panood SAYAAAAAAANG.....

  5. Anonymous9/03/2012

    LOL at this, dale... ikaw talaga... :P

    "I am not even going to go into how hot he is because he is ridiculously scorching that it makes me want to throw every bit of objectivity out the window and just give this film an A Rating as well. "

  6. I'm sure factor yan sa 5 stars and A rating ng iba :))

  7. Anonymous9/03/2012

    The eloping scene was also wasted with bad lighting you couldn't see the facial expression of Tippy and Sam. These kids are really good. I agree the first musical number wasn't good and the backdrop wasn't nice I thought I was watching Bourne Legacy. The redeeming factor was the songs of APO. Sana hindi minadali ang movie. It could've been great.

  8. Anonymous9/04/2012

    Watching the trailers I thought it was set in the 50's because of Zsa Zsa's costume. If it was her style, it wasn't consistent in the movie. The ending was a let down too. Just like Kimmy Dora 1, they ended with a lame song number. Noel Coleta wasn't outstanding and character wasn't fully developed. Maybe he was a kamag anak of or special friend the producer or director that's why he got the part? Although the Kaibigan drunk scene was ended beautifully and didn't reach an eeeew moment. That Tippy girl was so refreshing, beauty and talent combined. She's like a Sampaguita Movies star and reminded me of Susan Roces, Gloria Romero. Great break for Sam! Maybe not a lot of people know that he's been performing onstage since he was a kid. Overall the songs were great and wouldn't have worked if they used something else.

  9. I agree. The kaiibigan drunk scene worked. Only Coleta scene I liked as well.



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