Vilma Santos returns after 3 years via The Healing

The mood was pretty positive and fun at the recently held Bloggers Conference for The Healing, that I had to remind myself that we were there to discuss a horror movie. Vilma, who was trained by her early start in show business and honed further by her years in politics, was no less than magnanimous and every bit the legend that she  was made out to be in hundreds of tributes and write-ups.

It has been three years since she last made a movie also with Star Cinema. Just as her other movies were tailor-fit for her, The Healing was created with Vilma as the central character in mind.

Penned by the same author of some of Star Cinema's most successful horror movies like Feng Shui, Sukob and T2, The Healing delves into the darkness that isn't always discussed nor thought about in connection to faith healers. This is directed by horror veteran, Chito Roño, who also directed some of Vilma's most awarded roles in Bata, Bata Pa'no ka Ginawa and Dekada 70. 

Marking Vilma's 50th year anniversary in showbiz, The Healing will also feature a stellar ensemble cast lead by Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Pokwang, Martin del Rosario and Daria Ramirez. It was Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and given an R18 (director's cut) and R13 rating by the MTRCB to cater to a larger audience. 

The Healing will open in cinemas nationwide on July 25th. Be sure to check out your local listing or clickthecity.com at this link to see the age appropriate screening schedule.

P.S. You know that you are in the company of a true cinema icon when the top honchos of ABS-CBN all drop by just to wave hello like fan girls. 

Finally, check out Vilma's final word to the bloggers. 

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