Piolo Pascual's Baby Mama

I have had quite a few Google searches landing on my site for Iñigo Pascual and Piolo's (lucky) woman of mystery, Iñigo's mother. Today, I finally have the answer to that query as Iñigo posted what looks like an Instagram capture of her.

The caption reads: "My friend my biggest fan my motivator my chef my cheerleader my love my MOM :))" This is tagged to a certain @dlazaro which turned up a private Instagram account with a profile photo collage of the same woman and Iñigo. 

So there you go. The face of the woman that (may have) once captured the genes of one of the most sought after bachelors in the country right now. 

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  1. Anonymous8/19/2012

    Hmmm... how sure are ya about this, Dale? Just curious...

  2. Just quoted what Inigo said in his post :)

  3. Anonymous8/20/2012

    Parang anlayo ng fez. LOL!

  4. Anonymous9/05/2012

    Yup, that's Inigo's mom - Donna Lazaro.



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