On buttered shrimp, borta guys and the new Kapatid ad

I have never been attracted to the borta (buffed) guys. Unless of course they look like Piolo Pascual or Enchong Dee. I never thought that it was plus points for anyone average or below average to have those bulging muscles. But that's just me. The only way I like my hipon is buttered and not delusional to believe that muscles equate to being goodlooking. 

Of course I am not here to judge. People are entitled to their own choice of seafood. But on the matter of worth in artists, I have seen a lot of posts from reputable people over the last few months dissing an actress for having gained too much weight. Insults like "Ang taba na nya kasi kaya laos na sya," and other versions of that statement were posted on the web. For me, this translates to - if you are no longer visually pleasing, then your talent and achievements no longer matter. Worse, it also implies that fat people are ugly and sexy (read svelte) people are automatically better looking.

Having gained a few pounds myself, I take offense in this notion. Firstly, in whatever universe, I think, a chunky Aga Mulach is still better looking than Manny Pacquiao and his abs; and second, being fat has never stopped Aretha Franklin nor Oprah Winfrey from being excellent in their respective fields. So an artist can be laos for other reasons but it should never be because they got fat. The only acceptable exception is if they were a Viva Hot Babe or a porn star. 

When TV5 posted their latest ad for Sharon Cuneta's daily talk show, my heart fluttered. Instead of promising to make her "better" by losing weight as implied in The Biggest Loser, they embraced what she is and focused on what they perceived as her strength.  Add up that the "Magpakatotoo na tayo," tagline is a brilliant spin for her infamous Twitter meltdown (Read about it here). 

At the end of the day, most people will still confuse talent with good looks as evidenced by some of the more popular stars today. For some, good looks will still be confused with bulging muscles like in this popular mobile social discovery tool called Grindr. I have given up hope that people will see the difference. As for me, I will still only take my hipon buttered.

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  1. Anonymous5/05/2012

    In the advent of technology in beautifying one's self--the concepts of beauty and talent are thwarted.

    Sharon is one artist that I can say is talented and has the caliber of being a great actress. The copy was brilliant, except of course: ANG PUSO KO.

    If that is what embracing one's greatness is all about, bakit biglang 'PUSO' hindi 'AKO'? The attempt was okay, it should have sounded more of a celebration of her femininity and her being on the lofty side, but still talented as ever (but not as a TV host talk show).

    Sharon is undoubtedly talented as a recording artist and an actress. Saludo ako dyan. Wag na nilang ulitin ang pagkakamali sa Dos na talk show nga pero naging extension lang ng comedy bar segments at nagre-rate lang kapag ganunb ang mga guests niya.

    But for health reasons, Sharon should trim down, really.

  2. I agree with this, "In the advent of technology in beautifying one's self--the concepts of beauty and talent are thwarted." Add up the fact that some people just have a deluded definition of goodlooking. I mean some would post a headless photo of themselves and show off their muscles and call themselves goodlooking. I'm like, hello, you can't even post your face.

    On Sharon, I just think this promo sends a good message to viewers to accept who they are rather than change themselves to feel accepted. I think that was imposed on Sharon on The Biggest Loser and that was just wrong.

  3. Anonymous5/05/2012

    May mga mali ako sa sinabi ko.

    I should have wrote: TV talk show host. Also the word 'ganun' was spelled 'ganunb'. Kaloka!!!

    Tama ka doon sa yung pananaw ukol sa show ng 'Biggest Loser'. Bakit naman kasi niya tinanggap yun? Naloka ako. Biggest Loser na nga ang title siya pa ang host. Nang-iinis?

  4. I dunno but I think her self-esteem was affected by that. :)

  5. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Ano ba, Megastar na siya, bakit naman kasi nya tinanggap niya yun?

  6. Great post! I so agree with you, we should see beyond the physical. Talent outshines.



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