Mon Tulfo guests on Gandang Gabi Vice

People always say that you should respect the opinion of others. I disagree. You do not respect a bigoted opinion, especially one that is liable to influence hordes of unthinking masses. You correct it. You do not tolerate it, you do not make it sound funny. 

Vice Ganda: Kung ako po naging anak nyo, okay lang po sa inyo? (06.22 mark) (If I were your child, would you be fine with it?)
Mon Tulfo: D ko alam. (Shakes his head) (I don't know.)
Vice Ganda: Ay ano un? Bakit may ganun po kayo, Sir Mon? (What is it? Why?)
Mon Tulfo: Kasi palagi kitang kakastiguhin* (Because I will always castigate you.)
Vice Ganda: Bakit po? (Why?)
Mon Tulfo: E bakla ka e. (Because you're gay.)
Vice Ganda: Ang simple lang ng sagot no. E bakla ka e. Hindi po ako bakla, ano po ba kayo.
Mon Tulfo: Bading ka?
Vice Ganda: Hindi po. Adik po ako, trip ko lang to. Minsan tomboy ako depende sa kinuha ko. Nakakatuwa talaga si Sir Mon.

Kakastiguhin means to castigate [kas-ti-geyt].

1. to criticize or reprimand severely.
2. to punish in order to correct.
3. to inflict severe punishment on.

And while the studio audience and most people on twitter thought this was hilarious, a gay boy earlier this year was castigated by his father because he is gay. He probably shared Tulfo's thinking that being gay is wrong and must be severely punished.

For Mon Tulfo, of course, gay people are only being tolerated by society. This is unless you need the popularity of one to clean up your image.

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  1. Inbangan ko talalaga ang GGV Episode na ito, lagot ka sa mga kalahi namin LoL!



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