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Working mostly from home, I sometimes forget that I need clothes. Not that I strut around naked while working but I just don't get the drive to trek to a mall and shop. Then I go and attend an event or two for photo/blog coverages and I realize that I have probably been sporting the same black shirt or polo and jeans forever.

This is not unusual for me though as I have at least 5 of the same shirt, polo and jeans that all look the same in my closet but when I started checking photos from events that I have been to, it just looked weird (and sad) that I seem to be wearing the same thing every single time.

Then I came across Zalora, a virtual shopping mall that supports some of the better brands in the market today. With shopping as easy as clicking a few buttons online, I am actually excited to get that new wardrobe.

Defining convenience, Zalora also has a 30-day return policy, nationwide shipping, 3-hour delivery on some areas and a cash on delivery option. Of course as with other online shops, all major credit cards and paypal payments are a staple here.

Here is my shopping wishlist from Zalora.

It took me all of five minutes to find the things I wanted at Zalora where looking for a single item would probably  take me ages in a mall. So let's do this! Shopping mode: ON.

Use this voucher code and get a 5% discount off any purchase at www.zalora.com.ph Code: DaleBacarH

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