Is Charice coming out?

This status message of Charice in her twitter account made it to blind item sites, posing a question if she is in fact coming out of the closet after the drastic image change a few months ago.

Well, if she is. Good for you, Charice. Ain't nothing wrong with being yourself. More power. :)

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  1. Anonymous4/19/2012

    FYI, Coming out as a lesbian, you have to say " I am a lesbian" Concluding somebody is a lesbian just from a pixie haircut or calling oneself handsome ( btw it was a cute gwapito, not gwapo) is just plain ignorance bordering on stupidity.

  2. Thanks for the info! I am glad to see that you feel strongly about this.

    Let me point out a few things though.

    1. It was not concluded anywhere in the post that she is gay. I said if she is then good for her.

    2. I said the innuendo was posted in some blind item sites. I wasn't talking about my site.

    3. There are no set rules on how a person should come out of the closet. I can simply wear a bikini in front of a room-full of people and consider that my way of coming out. Nobody is to say that I am doing it wrong.




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