ABS-CBN vs GMA Summer Station ID

The battle of the station IDs continues this summer between ABS-CBN and GMA 7with perennial runner-up TV5 bowing out of the race (unless they are waiting for the monsoon season to start before they release theirs).

Both tackling the theme of fun summer activities, GMA 7 released their station ID in March while ABS-CBN opted to release snippets and set a release date of April 15th. Watch and compare the two network IDs below:

GMA 7's All Stars in the Sun, Summer 2012 (Erratum: this is the Party Pilipinas (?) Summer ID, I was told the network does not have an official Network ID which probably explains the sub-par quality)

ABS-CBN's Pinoy Summer Da Best Forever, Summer 2012

tv5 4862561551741860598

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  1. Anonymous4/16/2012

    Indeed, GMA-7's station ID (even if it's not 'official', but I doubt if there's truth to it--not being 'official')--is mediocre.

    Even if they would come up with one, no one at this time could beat that way ABS-CBN 2 executes a station ID. :-)

    Kapamilya forever!!! LOL! :-)

  2. i guess it's the kapuso's summer ID, not just party pilipinas', kasi kasama ibang shows ng GMA7. i agree with what you said, it is "sub-par quality" compared to that of the Kapamilya's

  3. Anonymous4/18/2012

    ABS-CBN was the best sa paggawa ng mga station id!!!walang mkakatalo!!


  4. Anonymous5/06/2012

    Abs cbn always offers world class performances,be it on teleseryes,news or even simple things like this. They always highlight the best of Filipinos.

  5. ABS-CBN is a world class TV Network in the Philippines no doubt to that...it's but an awkward thing to compare this Giant Network to GMA 7 which it will highlight more the mediocrity of the latter...

  6. What a nice station id from ABS-CBN that shows the different popularities or festivities from the philippines..

  7. What a nice station id from ABS-CBN..Annually they did a better job.They show the different festivities from the philippines.GMA should improve more, lack of effort..

  8. What a nice station id from ABS-CBN.They come up with different festivities in the philippines...GMA should improve more..effortless...

  9. Anonymous6/14/2012

    nganga nnman ang kapusucks sa summer station id ng kapamilya..da best forever abs-cbn



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