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The first thing that came to mind when I saw the latest offering of Repertory Philippines' Jekyll and Hyde was the word EPIC. And that just about sums up this must-watch production, from the powerful rendition of the gut-wrenching songs, the captivating performances by every single member of the cast from the lead characters down to the last member of the chorus, the costumes, stage design and lighting. All these elements are weaved masterfully by director Menchu Launcheco-Yulo and assistant director, Rem Zamora (whom I half-expect to burst into song and dance ala Diana Ross, from his memorable portrayal in Bare, everytime I see him).

Jekyll and Hyde tells a story we all know about a disturbed albeit good-natured doctor and the dark side of himself that he inadvertently unleashed in an attempt to create a potion that would contain the darkness in a person. Jet Pangan of The Dawn plays the lead role alternating with stage veteran Michael Williams. Pangan's Jekyll was a little too tamed but that only made the transition to his darker alter ego more pronounced and effective. Williams, whom I have yet to see, has been getting rave reviews for his portrayal but that comes as no surprise considering his impressive track record that includes playing in the West-End productions of Miss Saigon and The King and I.

Cris Villonco plays the pristine leading lady, Emma Crew while Kalila Aguiluz plays the scene-stealing Lucy Harris. Junix Inocian,another Miss Saigon veteran, plays Jekyll's trusted friend and lawyer, Gabriel John Utterson.

Kalila Aguilos (Lucy Harris), Cris Villonco (Emma Carew), Jett Pangan and Michael Williams (alternating for Dr. Jekyll and Edward Hyde), and Junix Inocian (Esq. John Utterson)

Jekyll and Hyde has an extended run until April 22, 2012. For tickets, inquiries and other information, call Repertory  Philippines at (632) 5716926 or 5714941 or email info@repertory.ph. Tickets are also available at Ticketworld at (632) 8919999 or www.ticketworld.com.ph. Visit www.repertory.ph, or subscribe to youtube.com/repertoryphils, and add ‘Rep Phils’ on Facebook.

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    Beautiful photographs and article, Dale. You really are The Dale Bacar. Ikaw na, raise the roof!!! :-)



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