On bashers and haters

One thing that celebrities should probably be warned about before they join twitter is that the more famous they are, the more haters they are likely to have. Twitter is not only a platform for fans to say good things about their idols, it is also where trolls make an effort to create fake accounts just to say terrible things aimed to anger the sweetest and the most mabait of people.

I am a self-confessed Sharonian and one of those kids that grew up reciting lines from her movies. I am also a gay man who has long been vocal about the way people in this country use the term bakla as a way to demean others. I find it offensive and discriminatory. 

In an older post, I wrote: "In our country where bakla (fag) is used as an expletive along with tarantado (jerk) and putang ina mo (son of a b****), and coming out of the closet could mean jeopardizing your career , losing friends and even getting disowned by your own family, most people do not have the luxury of "coming out". We can blame it on not having an actual law that protects the rights of gay people from discrimination... but such law even if it existed would only apply to the workplace. We cannot hope to stop discrimination in the minds of people. And until we do, nobody has the right to demand from anybody that they come out of the closet and reveal who they are if they aren't willing to do so."

When I replied to one of Sharon's tweets, this was her reply:

Seldom does a day go by when celebrities are not subjected to abusive posts from haters. Seeing the rest of this thread which I will no longer post because they contain some graphic images, I could understand that a   mother and someone that has always commanded the respect of her peers would act this way. Hell, my own mother would even threaten to inflict bodily harm to these trolls if those foul things were said about me. 

But along with her stature, Ms Cuneta is also someone that a lot of people look up to, myself included. Seeing her go down to the level of these bashers and even defending the discriminatory use of the term bakla is disappointing. 

Given that some of the fans will automatically defend a celebrity without question, and given that some people would automatically think that what their idol is doing/saying is correct, I think it is irresponsible to even reply to haters when you are deeply emotional. 

I recall a time when Aiza Seguerra was hounded by bashers simply for being gay. I also recall that while she replied to some of her haters, she kept her cool and did not resort to name calling. I think this is how  anyone, not only celebrities, should hope to act in this situation as things said online will forever have an imprint that will reflect to whoever posted them.

Celebrities, more than anyone, have a role to play in social media. While it is appreciated that nagpapakatotoo sila, we cannot discount the fact that the things they say can influence a lot of people. With this in mind, I hope that Ms Cuneta can learn to ignore these bashers because her own anger and frustration only fuels them. And while most fans would just agree and automatically defend their idols, I say these things as a way of looking out for her and the image that she projects.

That said, I remain a fan. 

By request, I uploaded some of the threaded posts in  this link.

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  1. Sigh... Well, hirap magreact... I'm a fan kasi rin :(

  2. Anonymous3/19/2012

    is it really her? sometimes kasi it seems ang OA ng twit and ndi mo ma konek sa knya.

  3. Anonymous3/19/2012

    "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." i mean c'mon if she cant take her haters just deactivate, for crying out loud!

  4. Anonymous3/19/2012

    I hope Mega would not come to the MOST LITERAL point of saying the EXACT TRUTH about Piolo. It's so obvious already. She replied in one tweet: "@alijar_jayvee may ex nga si BB nung si rustom pa sya kilala ko. @kc_concepcion" She tagged KC Concepcion and obviously KC Concepcion is not the EX right!? but it's conncected to KC. And the topic during this time is Piolo........... (and take note, that ex is aside from Carmina)..... Smell something? I really think its Piolo!

  5. Anonymous3/19/2012

    Grabee! Si sharon ba talaga yan or poser lang? nakakagulat mga tweet nya :(

  6. she's really out of her mind...pero natutuwa pa rin akong basahin mga tweets nya hahaha...at naniniwala talaga ako na capable sya na mag tweet ng mga ganun, dahil eversince, oa na talaga syang makapagreact sa mga write ups about her...yung tweet nga lang ni hayden kho, na hindi naman pala sa kanya, ang oa nga nya maka react di ba?

  7. Anonymous3/19/2012

    si shar0n yan

  8. Anonymous3/19/2012

    I'm a fan. But i don't agree with some of her posts regarding the third sex. she could have addressed them in a way na di masasaktan yung iba na wala namang kinalaman sa gender na meron si Piolo. Pero tao lang din si Sharon, yung ginawa ni Piolo sa anak nya is something only time could tell kung kelan nila sya mapapatawad. Kaya kung nakakapagsalita man sya ng masakit o masama, it's part of her being human. Di porke't artista sya eh kelangan 100% perfect sya. At the end of the day, i think Sharon and her family are mabubuting tao. Kasi di naman sila makakarating to where they are right now kung wala silang ginagawang mabuti.


  9. Anonymous3/20/2012

    so disappointed with Sharon, i like her, but this is too much!

    name calling people bakla, insulting people who cant speak english, bragging her riches, fighting on twitter, snd the worst part is the issue between her and her aunt Helen.

    i mean do you really have to tweet those things on twitter? cant you resolve it personally?

    nagkakalat lang, i couldnt even imagine if she is the same sharon i see on tv

  10. Anonymous3/20/2012

    Reading these incomplete threads/tweets of Ms. Cuneta, which you published, one could deceivingly infer other context than what we can read from the tweets. Ms. Cuneta was responding to her bashers and fans alike regarding topics brought by the bashers. In one thread she was responding to one fan and tagging a basher, (who if I have to read this bashers' tweets against both Ms. Cuneta and her daughter KC are down right mean, (to say the least) uncalled for and relentlessly and devilishly inflammatory) and repeating the last word uttered by the bashers but explaining that she has nothing against "bakla" (if you all recall at her Sharon Cuneta show: 1)she promoted Vice Ganda when he was just starting out; 2)Chocoloweit (sp?) is her good friend, 3)Fanny Serrano is a long-time Sharon friend, 4) KC was first interviewed by Boy Abunda in 2008, Mr. Abunda even mentioned in that interview how comfortable KC is with gays. KC
    replied she grew up with them. Even mentioned a book she read that a girl's best friend is a gay friend because there are things that gays can tell you that friend of the same sex cannot. These said, Ms. Cuneta seems to embody someone who is accepting of gays, hence, she passed this progressive thinking to daughter KC, which contradicts what the above INCOMPLETE tweet threads may suggest. I would recommend that you publish the entire tweets so as NOT to lose the entire context of the whole conversation. I am just an onlooker in
    this saga celebrity bashers and I am appalled and cannot stomach at how salacious, mean-spirited and unprovoked their tweets are. It seem that these people live to make other people miserable. In fairness to Ms. Cuneta, I think we should give her a bit of credit for putting up with the malicious insults thrown at her. One basher called Pretty Encious (sp) even published very graphic pornographic pictures and calling both mother and daughter slutty names that, whether one is a celebrity or not, can get to you. With the thread in your blog, Ms. Cuneta was responding to the name-calling thrown at her and was repeating
    a the last word the basher said. They have back and forth dialogues. again, I would suggest that you should publish the whole thread, otherwise, your tweet threads re: Ms. Cuneta vs. her basher can be taken out of context and be misleading.

  11. Feel free to check the message thread which I uploaded just now in this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thedalebacar/sets/72157629624020415/.

    I rechecked them just to be sure, and nothing in them really alters the thought in the blog post.

    If you somehow interpreted my post to mean that Sharon is bigoted against gay people, then you missed my point. I did say that, "Seeing the rest of this thread which I will no longer post because they contain some graphic images, I could understand that a mother and someone that has always commanded the respect of her peers would act this way."

    My point simply was that in dealing with her bashers, her anger got the better of her which made her use the word bakla inappropriately. The things said were downright foul and demeaning, there is no question in that. But regardless of what was said, Sharon is an institution that a lot of people look up to and follow with no questions asked. With that comes a responsibility to set an example to others.

  12. Anonymous3/20/2012

    I'm a fan, "kung tunay siyang lalaki", "imburnal na bibig", "kaladkarin", "mas malungkot ang pinas kung kami mamatay kesa sayo". - how disappointing.someone better advice her to leave twitter. defending urself and your daughter is ok. but bashing ur bashers & their idol?!?!PIOLO can't even ask his fans to stop, coz it's just Mega claiming that they're his (piolo & solid kapamilya) fans. d b puedeng u just have ur own set of non-fans/haters? so true ang saying, ang breeding si nabibili sa rustans or prada pero nawawala :)

  13. Anonymous3/20/2012

    Ive been following her for quite sometime, based from her tweets,Sharon Cuneta is a transparent person, you would know if she is dissappointed or ecstatic about something. Prior to her controversial posts and tweets yesterday, i read some of the bashers tweets, even ako , i would react if pati pamilya ko dinadamay na. If you'll just read her timeline, you would react in a different manner, if u r a fan, you'll get disappointed, or if u r jst lurking, you'll think if sya talaga yon,.then i traced where her angry words are coming from, kaya naman pala! May kanya kanya tayong reaksyon, tao lang si Sharon na magreact ng ganun, goes to show, kalevel ko lang si Sharon din , kse nanay din sya .... kaya for me, walang masama sa ginawa nya, its her twitter anyway., venue where she can vent her emotions... and yes, she just gained a fan :)

  14. Anonymous3/20/2012

    I didn't care or I couldn't care any less. Sharon would always be considered a Megastar to many, and I will just take that as it is. Just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I know people from the entertainment world as well--their 'secrets' and their 'stories', but I would choose not to be involved with their private and complicated lives. I have my own to deal with, in the first place. To hell I care if they would stoop down to the levels of their bashers and haters? I will just watch and laugh. And would say: Kung walang apoy, di uusok.

    Why react that much, if it isn't true? Let any issue die, naturally.

    People at times, whether celebrity or non-celebrity can be over-reactive. If there's no tinge of truth to any accusations... then let them quack against you. Eventually, they get tired.

    Dale, even if you are a fan. I suggest you keep a distance from her.

  15. Anonymous3/20/2012

    Also, Sharon will always be Sharon, no matter what. You will always be Dale and I know you dearly as opposed to her.

    Kaya kung ako--be a fan, but just that. Anuman ang mga salitang bibitawan niya o anupaman, wag ka nang apektado. Ngayon ikaw pa ang napagsabihan.

    Oo nga transparent siya. Oo nga tao siya. Eh di ganun na nga. Si Sharon transparent at tao na nagkakamali din. Wag mo na lang idamay sarili mo sa anumang buhay niya at kung sino man siya. Ikaw lang ang malalagay sa maling perspektibo.

  16. Anonymous3/20/2012

    I totally understand the situation but I think,
    You can't blame Ms. Cuneta, she's human being you know.
    Pag nasasaktan ka, either you remain quiet or you fight.
    In her situation, pinili nya ay lumaban. I have read some of
    The basher and haters words, and some of the words that they
    Have used are really disrecpectful. Kung ako si Ms.Cuneta I would
    Not be quiet, heck!! I will find a way to hack the basher's computer
    And spread the virus. LOL
    But seriuosly, I say, Ms. Cuneta is just being HUMAN.

  17. Anonymous3/21/2012

    a lot of the commenters here have missed the point of this post. hindi naman point of contention yung galit nya. given the words that have been thrown at her understandable naman na magalit sya. what is disappointing is that in the height of her anger, the word she chose to use to retaliate was "bakla". tapos after being called on it she attempted to defend it pa. maski ako na straight female e na offend dito.

  18. Thank you! Finally, someone gets my point.

  19. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Truth hurts.. Bakit ka naman ma-o-offend kung straight ka? Unless nagkukunwarian ka lang na straight. Kahit nga ung nanay ko kakampi sakin kahit mali ako. Ang Nanay kasi ibang klase yan lalo na ung nanay na nagmamahal at nagpapahalaga ng anak. Kahit nga pangit o masama ugali ng anak nya para sa kanya ang anak nya ang pinaka maganda at pinaka mabait sa lahat. In this case nagpaka Nanay lang si Ms Cuneta. Pag sobrang galit na galit kaba makakapagisip ka pa ba ng mati2nong words para ipangganti? Hindi dba.. What first comes to mind would come out of your mouth..

  20. Anonymous3/22/2012

    totally agree to you on this. i'm totally disillutioned, she really sounded like a bigot. all those words like you'll never get 1% to what i achieved,name calling, trash talking, for god's sake, she's like royalty in the country!like a queen! and then we get the excuse from her or her fans that she's only human and all...lame excuse...she only tolerized people from being mayabang and homophobic,and with the act of 'outing' every person on this earth whether you're a celebrity or not...was KC and Piolo married?! why overreact? how can she talk about washing dirty linens in public(in ref to her rift with her aunt) when in the first place it was her daughter and now her, having all this circus?! yeah she's only a mother...but piolo has a mom too! that's not fair.now she's pointing fingers that the bashers are piolo and abs fans...not fair! whether they are fans or not, it's not fair to blame piolo or abs...in the first place whatever it was...the root of this is probably bec after her daughter's interview, instead of people having sympathy, her daughther looked bad...some even got the sympathy of piolo...and now Sharon's popularity is at low...and now she's having a 'comeback'...connect the dots...

  21. Anonymous3/22/2012

    yung reply naman na B A K L A ni Mega ay for Piolo talaga. Eh kung bakla talaga si Piolo ode okay lang, haler naman kasi no try no kayang maging babae tapos ma-in love ng husto tapos malaman laman mong bakla sya di ba? Inemphasize lang ni Mega na bakla sya, derogatory? anong derogatory dun eh kung bakla ka, bakla ka. Isip isipin mo yun dale, kung tinitingnan mong derogatory yung dating ng bakla word dun ode kinahihiya mo ding bakla ka. Sinasabi mo pa na hindi kayang mag-out nung tao, kung di nya kayang mag-out sana hindi sya nag-girlfriend para itago. Si Piolo lumigaw sa bahay nila KC, maayos tinanggap nila Sharon, tapos biglang bakla pala sya, isipin mo nga yun. Ginamit ni sharon yung bakla, para idiin na bakla nga si piolo. ANONG MASAMA DUN KUNG BAKLA NGA NAMAN KASI SYA?

  22. Anonymous3/22/2012

    ok sige bakla n kung bakla si piolo! pero ang usapan dito pinatulan pa ni sharon ang bashers niya at sabi nya nga nagpaka-tao lang siya...fine! pero sana naman naisip nyang wag nang pumatol...malicious kasi intent nya eh,pwede nmn n magalit n lng xa sa bashers nya pero why drag piolo and the issues surrounding the break up?!naka-focus n nmn tuloy ang tao sa kung bakla b tlga si piolo, kasi obvious nmn n gusto siya ibuking ni sharon...kung nasaktan anak niya, fine then move on, alam n nmn ng tao or iniisip ng tao na ang dahilan ng break up ay DAHIL bakla si piolo eh(dahil sa interview ni KC),why inflict more damage?!bakit yung kasalanan ng bashers, si piolo ang magdudusa? naisip nga nmn b ni sharon na may nasasaktan ding ina si piolo tapos may anak din?! ano ba gusto ni sharon, na mag-ala BB si piolo in public? after nun masaya na sya or anak nya or ang mga tao?what kind of society are we? and to think people whom we look up, the ones shaping our minds.,are also the ones teaching us to be rude, bigots and bullies? whatever happened to both piolo and kc should have been just between them!this is obviously a direct attack to piolo, oo nga bakla siya pero kelangan talaga sabihin pa?! disente nmn tao sila kc at sharon pero ganun ba kasama ang pagiging bakla at panlilinlang na kelangan ipahiya at gawing katatawanan ang mga closet na bakla sa buong mundo?!they really want to damage his career,just enough to make him penniless,unable to provide for his family? are these all what it's worth for sharon? clearly with what she did dropping the name of piolo and hinting the real cause of break up assures the true intention ng pagpatol niya sa bashers niya,not to attack these people in the frontline but to attack sharon's main target...sabi nga ng nakararami at maaring si mega rin., ang BAKLANG SI PIOLO PASCUAL.

  23. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Again, the point here is NOT Piolo's gender. Dalawa lang naman yan -- either he is or he is not. Who cares? I can imagine Piolo's bashers saying a thousand times more hurtful, demeaning and malicious things about him. But did you ever hear him make patol? No. Because that's how a well-bred person would and should handle these things. Alam mo nang pinagtutulungan ka in public, and you know these haters/bashers come in flocks, nameless, ordinary people... as compared to them who are famous and therefore have the responsibility to the viewing public... why stoop down to that level? Tama nga, if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. No matter how hard she tries to defend herself and her daughter, her anger and frustration would only fuel these bashers. So better ignore it.

    Sharon has been in the business for as long as I can remember. And she of all people should know that with fame comes great responsibility.. if not for yourself and for your family, to the public. My God, she said it's affecting her that much??? Then close her twitter account, for crying out loud! At least until the heat of this issue dies down. But she should NEVER resort to name calling and other kamalisyosohan ng kalaban nya. Because no matter how she justifies her words and her actions, it's a major TURN OFF for her who's supposedly bragging about her breeding and good manners.

    She's not even 100% sure that her haters/bashers are really supporters of Piolo and ABS. Name dropping and all. Paranoid much??? Maybe it's because she's itching to really lash out in public those people whom she thinks wronged her precious daughter (who by the way will NEVER be able to stand on her own feet if she keeps on hovering like that). A bunch of people said stupid things about her and it's already a Piolo/ABS issue? Then she goes on degrading gay people. How low can she get??? Tapos when she gets more haters because of her remarks babawi sya saying that she's always been supportive of gays? I mean, come on!

    She's a mother, yes. Defending herself and her daughter is understandable. But to go bitching around, pointing accusing fingers to innocent peoplr, using malicious words that are uncalled for, nakakabawas ng respeto ng tao sa kanya.

    Ms. Cuneta, you are a public figure. Sabi mo nga, people have not experienced (and probably would never) even 1% of what you achieved. Okay. But since you're the "epitome of success", you have greater responsibility to the people than these haters/bashers. Nagmumukha ka lang mas cheap sa kakasagot. And in the end, you're the loser, not them. Sa kanila walang mawawala, sayo meron. Ano yun? The respect of the public which you have painstakingly tried to build. Sayang. You in a few more years you'll be in a retirement age... ang sagwa na maaalala ka nila not as Sharon Cuneta the megastar, but Sharon Cuneta na hindi nag-iisip at bastos ang bibig.

  24. Anonymous3/22/2012

    totoo yan....sana marealize ito ni sharon at ng lahat na nagdedefend sa kanya.

  25. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Bakit pati kayamanan nya pinagmamalaki nya? Dapat pagsabihan sya ng mga kaibigan nya to stop sa pagpatol sa mga "bashers" sa halip na idepensa sya; nakakahiya mga sinasabi nya; kung baga sa personal, parang nakipagsabunutan sya...

  26. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Sharon should rise above hate.She is declaring blessing but with the same mouth she's uttering negative and insulting words...JUDY ANN AND ROBIN STOP DEFENDING HER!

  27. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Im not a fan of Piolo but my sympathy goes to him and to ABS-CBN.

  28. Anonymous3/24/2012

    I do noticed that whenever you make a comment that she doesn't like- it gets erased!

    My previous post- re: tiff between Tito Sotto for not voting for Kiko:

    Sharon should always remember it was her tito-Tito Sotto who gave her a head start and made her what she is today.

    At least Tito Sotto, either through his "Tough Hits" or "Eat Bulaga" made it on his own. How about Kiko? Could he win an election without Sharon?

  29. Anonymous3/25/2012

    Mag jowa naman talaga sina piolo at rustom bago SI rustom nag reveal sa pbb... Usapan na nila na mag out na sila dapat pareho kaso pinigilan ng abs-cbn SI piolo... Showbiz...tsk, tsk, tsk...

  30. Anonymous3/31/2012

    Sharon, let the hate come only from the other side. Radiate love. You are better than stooping to their level.

  31. for me I will always support to my idol Sharon. you should understand her.she is a mother, she love her daughter more than her self.alam ntin kung gaano niya kamahal si KC siya lang tumayo bilang ama at ina kaya kung masaktan man ang kanyang anak mas masakit para sa kanya. dami na mga intrega naranasan ni Mega lahat na kaya niya. pero pag dating sa mga anak handa siyang magsabayan at mag patayan. kahit sinong Ina ganyan din ang gawin ipag tangol ang family.

  32. for me I will always support to my Idol Sharon. I understand to her. she is a mother, she love her daughter more than her self... alam nating kung gaano niya kamahal si KC mag isa lang tinaguyod, siya tumayo bilang ama at ina. kung masaktan man si KC masmasakit para sa kanya. dami mga intrega nakayanan ni Sharon pag dating sa family wala siyang pinalampas handa siya magsabayan ganon ka mahalan ni sharon ang kanyang family!!!

  33. is that really Sharon's account?

  34. Anonymous5/14/2012

    Yay, mukhang totoong bakla nga si Piolo. Saka parang may alter ego tong si Sharon ha, ibang-iba sa inaasta nya sa TV. Never been her fan.



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