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Nothing irks me more than bigots. There are too many of them and most, have their beliefs ingrained in them from the moment they were born. Proper education does not make a difference, nor does it guarantee that a person will not end up hating what he doesn't fully comprehend. 

There are tens of thousands of movements and platforms that promote understanding and equality discussions. These forums are seldom checked out and are mostly ignored by those that are content to think that their beliefs are correct. 

In showbiz forums, these bigots run rampant especially when the topic is about celebrities that are rumored to be gay. The verbal lynching automatically follows whatever issue is being discussed.  And while most people would probably take the moral high ground and say, to each his own and wag mo nalang pansinin yan, I think somebody ought to start letting these people that what they're doing is wrong. They obviously have not learned this in their homes or within their social circle so let's start here. Let's turn the table around and focus on them for a change. 

In the topic posted above, local celebrity Enchong Dee, who is always hounded by incessant rumors about his sexuality, was reported to have a mishap on a TV show production number where he almost dropped dance partner, Kim Chiu. What the topic elicited were comments that implied that gay people are either stupid, weak, soft or not as competent as people who are perceived to be straight.

These people highlighted in the screencaps below seem to think that gay people are strictly the ones that they see in brainless slapstick movies or the proverbial parlorista. Of course if they opened their eyes a little bit they would know that gay men are not necessarily effeminate and not all gay guys want to be a woman.

Gay people are just as capable as any straight man or woman and in a lot of cases, have managed to excel over them. And on the never-ending nagging for closeted people to come out, please take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror. There you will see the reason why it can never be expected of anyone to just come out if they are not ready to do so. Gay people were born a certain way and that did not include an extra dose of tolerance for abuse and judgement from closed-minded bigots such as yourselves.

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  1. It's always hard to moderate this kind of people in any community forums, pages, etc. hayyy ;(



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