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Hi guys,

I entered a photo competition by Philippine Paradise Pages at Facebook and I would greatly appreciate it if you can vote for my entries. Just follow these steps.

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4. And lastly, this is slightly 'abuso' - click on the "Share" button on top of each pic and please ask your friends to vote. 

Thanks much for the early Christmas present of liking these pics. Hugs to everyone.  =^.^=


by Dale Bacar 

Manila’s version of a high-rise skyline might not exactly compare to more progressive urban areas, but the dramatic foreground provided by Manila Bay makes Roxas Boulevard a picture perfect postcard. 

Adding to the drama is the circular breakwater that perfectly frames the reflected hues on the dark rippling waters of Manila Bay. 

Whether you are a bypasser wanting to enjoy the Baywalk stretch or you want a breathtaking backdrop for a hot cup of coffee al fresco, the skyline of Roxas Boulevard provides the perfect visual treat.

by Dale Bacar 

There are thousands of sonnets and songs written about sunsets. I prefer a visual representation of that one final show of the sun before it bids farewell and gives way to the night. 

This particularly captivating display was captured from the shores of Thunderbird Resort in La Union. It has been raining hard all throughout that day in October 2011. But just as the sun starts to descend, the sky clears up, giving way to a striking last show of vivid colors.
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