On shameful acts

Still on the subject of customer service, the call center industry in the Philippines was rocked a few days ago by the posting of this video by some unapologetic agent. He apparently thought that it would be amusing to make fun of his customers, making a video of it and even proudly posting it online at the risk of jeopardizing the company that he works/ed for and even the industry as a whole.

While I strongly support that this agent should be banned from all other centers including homebased ones, and that any overlooked application of his should be reported immediately, let me digress.

While browsing comments made on this YouTube video, I can't help but notice how some of the attacks automatically turned into name-calling and homophobic remarks. It is as if people (supposedly educated) automatically think that the explanation as to why he acted this way is because he is gay.

Come to think of it, nobody would say, "Bobo sa ingles, gago, tarantado at STRAIGHT NA LALAKI pa,"  or "Hope you don't get a slot on the BPO industry anymore Straight Girl!" Even if that was indeed the case. For some reason, being called gay is still as bad as being called "gago" or "tanga" in this country. 

I, too, was quick to judge that this guy in the video is probably the worst being in the country right now. But putting what he did and the comments made against him side by side, now I am confused as to what is the more shameful act.

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