Director Tikoy Aguiluz airs frustration over Asiong Salonga

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Master Auteur Tikoy Aguiluz aired his frustration on the apparent desecration of his work on one of the more anticipated films this MMFF, Asiong Salonga.

Resident critic Philbert Dy of clickthecity.com posted a review on Asiong Salonga, pointing out how the film has "beautiful imagery" but does not have "enough connective tissue to make them anything more than a series of random vignettes." This all points back to the contested right of Aguiluz to oversee post-production of the film which the producers, one of whom is the film's lead, disregarded. 

Aguiluz has then filed a petition to have his name stricken as director of the film. The Intellectual Property Rights Office granted this request and issued a Temporary Restraining Order on December 23rd.

Aguiluz has requested for the director's cut to be released and a corresponding petition is posted here. Click the link to sign the petition.

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