Ang Paskong Filipino

Every year, Christmas means a showcase of Station ID's from competing local networks. Each tries to present a timely state of the Filipino or a prevalent culture that the network wants to impart. 

This year, the clear winner is ABS-CBN's Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino.

It has become a tradition for ABS-CBN to come up with a heart-tugging presentation, this year's ID is no different.

Da Best ang Pasko takes on the sacrifices of Filipino Overseas Workers, the joys they are missing by spending Christmas away from their loved ones and how they cope and make up for it by trying to relive the Filipino Christmas tradition abroad.

In the true sense of being a Kapamilya, the video also shows how Filipinos reach out to each other just to celebrate the season together as well as the rich festivities all around the country.

Coming in 2nd is up-and-coming network, TV5. Showcasing a simple yet effective message, TV5's station ID remains true to its goal of offering alternative programming while getting a serious foothold in the industry by employing some of its biggest stars. 

This ID steers clear of any comparison by presenting a much simpler theme. It practically says, "We are fun, we are hip, we have the stars and we are here to stay."

So far the catchiest and the "happiest" theme this season, TV5's Krismas-Mas-Mas Masaya.

Coming in last is GMA7's Kapusong Pasko Na. I really am not sure what they were thinking when they made this series of jingle that, I think, was aimed to be fun but only came off tacky and annoying. I will let the video speak for itself.

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