Seven Years of Warcraft

On November 23rd this year, World of Warcraft celebrates its 7th year anniversary with less interesting celebratory gifts to subscribers. 

I was actually looking forward to getting a unique non-combat pet or at least that coveted Murloc costume but Blizzard decided to give away a "Feat of Strength" and a celebration package item to any player who logs in between Sunday, November 20 and Saturday, December 3. Blizzard said that the package item will shoot off fireworks and temporarily grant both a special tabard and a 7-percent experience point and reputation bonus. 

In non-gamer's words, these items are pretty meh. So there goes my plan to resubscribe at least for a month to claim my gift.

Despite reports of loss of almost 2M subscribers this year, World of Warcraft remains the world's most popular MMORPG with over 10M loyal players. Even with continuous criticism of Blizzard's attempt to make the game more casual-player friendly making it non-challenging to seasoned players, Blizzard still leads the MMO-market. 

I think the release of the upcoming expansion will decide the fate of the game. It would also help if they finally release the film version which has been taking over five years in the pipeline but with no concrete results until now. Until then, I shall remain retired and wait for a scroll of resurrection just in time for me to make a Pandaren character.

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