Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited

This season of Pinoy Big Brother (also rumored to be the last season with ABS-CBN before it's pending transfer to TV5) initially presented 14 housemates to satisfy the voyeur in each of us. They are: 
  1. Jaz Manabat, 24, a model dubbed the “Sensual Siren of QC" 
  2. Tin Patrimonio, 20, daughter of basketball star Alvin Patrimonio also called “The Captain’s Daughter” 
  3. Kigoy Abarico, 32, of Ormoc City who joined PBB to look for his two siblings 
  4. Roy Gamboa, 29, of Pangasinan, a salesman 
  5. Luz McClinton, 33, a bodybuilder, tagged as the “Mom of Steel of Muntinlupa” 
  6. Pamu Pamorada, 19, of Batangas called the “Kitikiti Kid” 
  7. Joseph Biggel, 19, half-German and half-Filipino who worked as a fisherman and a make-up artist in a funeral parlor 
  8. Kim de Guzman, 19, of Olongapo named “The Stunning Sweetheart” 
  9. Paco Evangelista, 26, of General Santos who wants to get to know himself more and start his life anew 
  10. Slater Young, 24, called “The Hotshot Engineer” of Cebu 
  11. Divine Maitland-Smith, 20, called the “Darling Dude” the first openly lesbian housemate 
  12. Seichang Ushimi, 22, from Japan and 
  13. Kevin Fowler, 18, from California, both were born and raised overseas but want to reconnect with their Filipino roots 
  14. Carlo Romero, 22, a lucky draw winner, is a retail sales consultant from Chicago (Reserve Housemate)
Tonight, things are about to heat up in Big Brother's House as Kuya lets in one more set of housemates, two of which are models Mark Luz and some girl who does not deserve to be named... ok fine some girl called Jess Herrera. :)) 

Mark was a finalist in this year's Mr. and Ms. EcoTourism Philippines The Mossimo Bikini Summit 2011 Edition. If you are like me and you're not watching the show yet, this guy just gave me a reason to watch. Let's face it, staged or not, everyone wants to watch a show with a cute guy (or girl, whichever your preference is) in it. So here it is, one reason to get glued and catch the show.

The other addition to the show, is better known as the girl that insulted the fans of Mario Mauer by calling them (us), "crazy jologs." She is listed as a talent under the Vidanes Marketing Management Group and apart from hoping she would get evicted right away, that is all I have to say about her. 

As PBB is set to present another set of housemates tonight, will update as soon as the new set is announced. Catch PBB every night at ABS-CBN.
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  1. Anonymous4/25/2012

    I agree that Mark is a cutie!!! :-)



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