Panday 2

Source: Philippine TV Ratings Facebook page

A screenshot from the upcoming sequel of (Sen) Bong Revilla's Panday film. This movie is an official entry to the 2011 Metro Film Festival, showing on December 25, 2011. The first film was also a copycat of several Hollywood films and TV series, with Legend of the Seeker being the most obvious source of costumes and characters. 

Photo grabbed from Facebook

Apart from the Kraken from Clash of the Titans, this film also features a Joker clone in a cave and the Wicked Witch of the East straight off the land of Oz. Lucy Torres is also in the cast. I am sure her superpower has something to do with making your clothes squeaky clean

Anyway, here is the full trailer of the film: 

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  1. Anonymous11/26/2011

    Ang kahunghangan di dapat pinababayaan.

    If we are able to execute animation in our films, why can't we be at least be original?

  2. Anonymous11/26/2011

    OMG! As in Oh My Gay!!! Si Marian? Ewww!!!

  3. Anonymous12/27/2011

    si panday naman lng atah dyan ang original eh at yung titi nyang espada! una supot tapos kapaghinawakan ayun lumalaki hahaha...

  4. BONG REVILLA - the BASTARD who bastardized the FPJ Original ;D Panday is the only original Filipino hero who was turned into a shameless copy of several hollywood remakes and games. This film is an insult to all thinking Filipinos and Bong Revilla should be punished for blatant piracy and intellectual sacrilege.



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