Darkest Night

American Independent Film producer, Russ Williams brings to Manila a hybrid horror film that is set to appeal to both Western and Asian audiences. Shot in Pampanga, Darkest Night takes the audience to a path of discovery as Jonas Gruet (Taksikab, Private Nights) finds a videotape at the site of the a gruesome murder.

The film stars American actor, DJ Perry (The 8th Plague, Ghost Town: The Movie) and French-Filipina actress Anne Gauthier. The film also features Filipino actors Issa Litton, Nic Campos, Jill Palencia, international actress Marife Necesito (Mammoth, Taksikab), Zeny Sevilla and Kevin Vitug (Pendong, Taksikab). Also in the cast is Malaysian actor Justin Hoong Fai Chan.

Darkest Night Premiere info:

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011; Time: 8:30 pm; Venue: Teatrino Auditorium, Greenhills Shopping Center/Comercial Complex San Juan City.

For more updates about the film, check out the movie fan page on Facebook.

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