RPG Metanoia bags nomination at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards

RPG Metanoia, the Philippines' first full-length 3D animated film and the most deserving of all MMFF entries last year to win Best Picture, is nominated in this year's Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA), which is said to be the region's highest accolade in the film industry. 

"RPG Metanoia" will be competing in the Best Animated Feature Film category against Japan's "Hoshi o Ou Kodomo," Korea's "Madangeul naon amtak," Singapore's "Tatsumi" and Russia's "Gadkiy Utyonok."

APSA said winners will be announced in a ceremony at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia on November 24th. 

Here's hoping that the film will be given due credit that the Filipino board failed to recognize. While technically this may not be the finest, Metanoia offers a level of quality that can be compared to the best of Hollywood. If anything, the nomination itself is an indication that 1. we have just scored a world-class feature and 2. that the MMFF panel could not differentiate a winner from the rest of the crap presented even if it slapped them in the face.

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