Of Dead Vampires and Werewolf

In S03E07 of The Vampire Diaries, a huge blast from episodes past will have their presence felt. Without giving too much away, the episode is entitled Ghost World and all characters will be given a chance to somehow attempt to correct mistakes from a previous life or the ones they are currently living. 

Anna (Malese Jow) who has been haunting for the last few episodes will be given proper closure as well as she reunites with her mother played by Kelly Hu. 

Of course the episode highlights: Mason Lockwood returns to once again prove that being hot runs in the family and Tyler isn't the only notable werewolf around. Also back is Stefan's bestfriend, Lexi, who up to this day I wish they hadn't killed off so early in the series.

Next episode will be the reunion of the original family and hopefully they will already let us know what the F happened to Katerina. 

 Alexia Branson plays Lexi

Taylor Kinney plays Mason Lockwood

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