Nora Aunor Signs 3-year Exclusive Contract with TV5

Superstar Nora Aunor signs a 3-year exclusive contract with junior local network TV5. Being the only network that offered to host her return which was done alongside a movie project with ER Ejercito, Nora completed a mini-series called Sa Ngalan ng Ina which did not fare too good ratings-wise but was well received by critics. 

Aunor spent the last eight years in the US on a self-imposed hiatus from the industry. She was laden with issues when she left but she has promised to stay clean and maintain her professionalism to honor the importance she has been getting from the Kapatid Network. 

After the aggressive piracy of the network of talents trained and developed by Abs-Cbn and GMA7, TV5 finally scored a good investment in Aunor. She is every bit the Superstar she once was and while her horde of followers may not have been able to make a primetime top-rater of her show just yet, they have remained loyal and supportive. 

In the next three years, the new generation will be given a chance to discover what made Nora Aunor the one and only Superstar. And for that, I salute TV5. (Photo by Dale Bacar)

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