Travelogue: Isdaan Floating Restaurant

One popular stopover if you are traveling up north and you are looking for a gastronomical delight is Isdaan Floating Restaurant along MacArtur Highway in Gerona, Tarlac. Having the same owners as Barrio Fiesta, Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp., the restaurant boasts of great tasting Filipino food that is well worth the price. 

Easy to spot with its captivating gigantic statues and floating nipa huts, Isdaan gives you a feel of being in an exotic Mayan island. I'd have stayed longer if I could to photograph every nook and cranny of the place but we were just on a quick stopover on a late trip back to Manila. 

To complete the experience, you may also check out the Taksiyapo (which I thought was some kind of food I had to order), where you can buy plates, glasses or even a working television to break and wreak havoc with if you need to vent out anger or release tension. The wall was being repainted when I was there and I am not really one for breaking things but if you like that sort of thing, this is also the place for you. 

Also, you can ask the attendants for fish food (which I heard are out given for free) to feed the Koi all around the place. Of course when I was told I could feed the fish, I dutifully threw some grilled tilapia and bits of pork sinigang into the water. Good thing none of the waiters noticed or I would have gotten in trouble. 

I was not able to check out the area where there is supposedly sheep being treated badly by making them pull  a kalesa-type contraption for kids but I hope that the owners already removed that part because without that to ruin the experience, the Isdaan is a highly recommended place to check out even if you'd need to take a detour just to get to it.

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