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Joy Virata tells the tale of Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the timeless tale of the boy that never wanted to grow up. As the story goes, when Peter Pan was a baby he "ran away" to Neverland. When he returned, the windows were closed in his parents' house and a new baby resides in his room so he assumed his parents no longer wanted him. Thus begins his objection to closed windows and his permanent residence at Neverland.

Sam Concepcion, Juan Miguel Santos, Tippy dos Santos, Nacho Tambunting

Sam Concepcion brings to life the fearlessly cocky Pan in Repertory Philippines and Stages co-production that premiered on September 28th at the Meralco Theater. Giving no less than than the brilliant performance that is expected of him, Concepcion was irresistible as Peter Pan - boastful and careless, and often confused by the notion of people needing to move on and grow up.

Tippy Dos Santos (alternating with Cara Barredo) plays Wendy Darling. The once dreamy girl who was enticed by the magic of Peter Pan and Neverland, brought in to play mother to Peter's band of Lost Boys. Bringing along her brothers, Wendy tentatively accedes to telling stories and telling the boys when to go to sleep and wash their faces until she realized that she herself needed a mother and the boys could be better taken care of if her parents adopted them.

Nacho Tambunting, Tippy Dos Santos, Juan Miguel Santos and the Lost Boys

Tippy Dos Santos

Beyond the flying and the colorful confrontation with arch-enemy Capt. Hook (played by stage veteran Michael Williams) which I am sure the kids will enjoy, the heart of the show lies in Peter Pan's short but marked conflict in emotion as Wendy convinced him to come back to the real world and grow up. We see that he had grown fond of Wendy but Pan was unable to process this emotion. 

Michael Williams as Capt. James Hook and the pirates

In one of the final scenes, Pan lingered by the window and hopefully asked Wendy to go back to Neverland with him, Wendy was held back by her mother (played by the stellar Pinky Marquez) who agreed to just let her visit him every year in the spring. It was heartbreaking to see Pan fly away feeling (and thanks to binoculars, looking) defeated.

Peter Pan gives us a glimpse of that little kid in all of us that never wants to grow old and accept responsibilities. In that final scene with Wendy, Peter realized that moving on is inevitable as we all do at one point in our lives. We see him broken and hurt as he saw the girl that he once cared for grow up and move on without him. But as he bounced back to the eternal boy that he is and he flew that one final time, we all leave the worries of adulthood behind, we close our eyes and start believing in fairies and pixie dust. We start believing in magic. And in that one brief moment, everything seems right in the world. 

Peter Pan is being staged at the Meralco Theater from Sep 29-Oct 30. 

For tickets contact Stages at (632) 818-1111 extension 209, visit the Repertory Philippines website or call TicketWorld (632) 811-9999.

Photos by Dale Bacar

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