Cory ng Edsa

Cindy Liper as Cory Aquino

I first saw Cory ng Edsa as it was presented to the Cojuanco family for critique before the actual launch of the show last July. Having seen shows by bigger and more established theater companies, I did not expect much from the obviously junior group. Add up the fact that the subject of the EDSA revolution has been tackled time and again by masters and mediocre directors alike in film and Cory being the centerpiece of the show just seems mundane.

The Cojuanco Family giving their feedback to the group

Performing in nothing more than uniform printed shirts, some jeans and an imaginary moving backdrop, the group started what I expected to be the longest two hours of my theater-viewing life. I was wrong.

From the opening number in a room that can barely hold almost 50 members of the ensemble, to the perfectly executed intimate and dramatic scenes among the main cast, the 15 or so members of the audience, myself included, held our breath and from time to time wiped our tears as we witnessed what could be the most important theater event of the year.

When the applause died down, the much coveted endorsement of the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation was easily given and the stage-musical event that is a must-see for every Filipino was set to begin its series of shows.

Aliw Awardee for Best Director, Vince Tañada plays the reporter that chronicled the life of the former President (Glory Ann Nacional alternates as Cory and Patrick Libao alternates as Peter)

Told from the point of view of a withering reporter's unfinished book, Cory ng Edsa catalogued the situation in the country from the time of Ninoy's assassination in 1983, the tumultuous administration of the late President and finally her death in 2009. 

More importantly, Cory ng Edsa gives tribute to the unsung heroes of the Edsa Revolution and the sacrifices of ordinary Filipinos whose tales are weaved masterfully by Tañada in a manner that is reminiscent of master auteur, Lino Brocka. 

Aliw Awards Best Director Nominee, Chris Lim as Lt Dalusong (Alternating with Jomar Bautista)

Aliw Awards Best Actor Nominee, Jordan Labra as Rey, the husband of a suspected rebel with Aliw Awards Best Child Actor Gabby Bautista

The ill-fated lovers Monique Azerreda and Alex Dorola 
(Role is later on played by Aliw Awards Best Actor Nominee, Kierwin Larena alternating with Kevin Posadas)

Cory ng Edsa will run on September 17, 18 (SM North - 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm), 24 (SM Sta. Mesa - 8am, 11am, and 2pm), October 1 (Teatro Marikina - 8am, 11am, 2pm), and October 23 (SM Sta. Mesa - 8am, 11am, and 2pm), respectively.

For more details, please contact Elaine Coronel at at (63 927) 200-9225, Chris Lim at (63 923) 268-0527 or PSF office at (63 2) 781-6727.
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  1. Anonymous9/22/2011

    beautiful Dale. Thanks a lot. But I'm not worthy to be compared to The Lino Brocka. See you in the theater!

  2. Comparison aside, Cory is excellent Vince. And you are one very talented writer and director. Congratulations.

  3. Riva Eloise Potente1/29/2012

    wow !this play was so amazing specially for those who played the role of cory, rey, edsa, jason, anette, elsie, and peter!! and also to the singers they were great

  4. Anonymous3/06/2012

    a great show

  5. Anonymous3/22/2012




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