WoW Cataclysm

The forthcoming World of Warcraft expansion is now unveiled (has it been that long since WotLK already? QQ) and the changes presented will bring us back to the places that made us all fall in love with WoW in the first place- Azeroth. Along with the redesign of the old world are loads of other very awesome changes including new race and class combination which if I am not mistaken includes a gnome priest in the trailer embedded below. Now that is mega-awesome! Well mini-awesome because it's a gnome but whatever.

Here are the rest of the changes as posted in the WoW website.

Two New Playable Races: Goblins and Worgen (wootage)
Level to 85 in Azeroth’s Most Ancient Territories (what only 5 levels?)
The Classic World Made New
New Starting Zones
Guild Advancement Feature
New Race and Class Combinations (3x woot)
New Secondary Profession: Archaeology
Mastery System
Azeroth: Flying the Unfriendly Skies (2x woot)
More Dungeon and Raid Content than Ever Before
Rated Battlegrounds and New PvP Feats

The video below is pretty meh but I am expecting that they'd come up with a better one on the onset of the actual expansion. But hey a peek is a peek and we all like a taste test.

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