Review: Kimmy Dora

During the press premiere of Kimmy Dora, we wondered why the rest of the cast members weren't present as movie premieres usually have them in hoards to attract more publicity and attention for the film being screened. Halfway through the movie we understood exactly why. Eugene Domingo is the sole star in her launching vehicle. Yes there were other actors on screen and everyone did their job perfectly well, but the one presence that commanded almost two hours of undivided attention is Eugene's hilarious portrayal of both Kimmy and Dora.

Though the film had its share of shortcomings mostly from misplaced special effects and failure to convey the actual wealth of the Go Dong Hae empire on screen with a mansion that looks almost modest and a household that looks a little too average, Kimmy Dora more than made up for it by doing away with the classic brand of humor that we have come to expect from local cinema where every joke is highlighted by a contorted face that aims to be funny or a sound effect that underlines the punchline as if to say, "Joke ito, tumawa naman kayo." Kimmy Dora did not underestimate the intelligence of its target audience and that made a world of difference. The film allowed an actual story to progress and made room for character development. They did not barrage the audience with punchlines that are meant to fill the movie's runtime, instead they presented actual scenarios that are funny and riotous exchanges that illicit cheers from the audience.

Kimmy Dora is the first starring role of Eugene Domingo after playing sidekick for far too long. Evident in the film is the support of fellow artists from rival networks who have come together to help launch such a great talent. In the film, we see Eugene effortlessly flip characters like a schizo on steroids. We see her go through barbed wire, get Spartan-ed to death and even roll in mud. All this pays off though as we are offered a film that is worth all the hype and a brand of comedy that sets a new standard in the local industry.

Rating: 3/5

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