Kimmy Dora

Okay, yung masaya naman.

Floating her way into theaters on September 2nd, don't dare miss Kimmy Dora. Produced by dreamboat Piolo Pascual, Kimmy Dora tells the story of identical twins who are also polar opposites. The film features the talented Eugene Domingo in her first title role.

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Synopsis: Life is hard when you’re a multi-millionaire. Luisito Cacanindin-Go Dong Hae, of the famed Go Dong Hae business empire, loves his two daughters Kimmy and Dora. Though the two women are twins, they’re also polar opposites. Smart, sexy and ambitious, Kimmy has a silken glove that covers an iron fist, with which she uses to run the Go Dong Hae empire. On the other hand, Dora is a sweet woman-child who’s simple in her thoughts and tastes but whose affection flows freely to everyone she meets.

Rivalry rages between the two. Kimmy loathes and dominates her younger twin, while Dora doesn’t understand why the “ateh” she idolizes also hates her guts. What’s worse is that Kimmy’s been eyeing a handsome young company go-getter named Johnson, who’s smitten by the refreshing innocence and candor of Dora.

When Kimmy finally snaps and arranges for Dora to be kidnapped, pandemonium ensues. Lives are changed, and identities blurred. What happens when the twins must take each other’s place? Who will win the love of Johnson? Who will Luisito finally choose as his heir? Will the sisters ever be able to just get along?

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