The Kimmy Dora Premiere

Coming off a busy week from work, Jae and I went to the exclusive press premiere of Kimmy Dora armed with no more than two hours of sleep. Fun as the trailer looked, I still expected to doze off during the movie as I normally would when I watch flicks on zombie mode.

We promptly got to the screening venue at Shangrila Cineplex 4 at 6:30PM where registration was already starting. My sleepiness had to give way to the excitement that I felt as 1. this is the first media premiere that I am attending and 2. I eyed some of the known writers and reporters in the local industry and I felt elated that I was among those that were given the opportunity to have a first look at the much publicized film. I almost convulsed when I saw Jessica Zafra in the cocktail lounge and I actually thought of running to the nearest Powerbooks and get a second copy of Twisted 8 just so I could ask for her autograph. I then imagined her giving me a pitiful "Oh geez here's a poor fanboy" look and I decided against it. BUT! I did get a paparazzi shot of her all the way from the other end of cinema floor. Kakatakot kasi lapitan lol.

Eugene Domingo arrived at around 7PM and she was instantly mugged by the hordes of media waiting for the star of the movie to arrive. Parang Julia Roberts sa Notting Hill si Eugene as she faced all the waiting cameras and granted an interview. I was standing right behind her and I could see how she was really enjoying the spotlight. She was also very funny in the impromptu interview and you could almost feel her earnestness and excitement about her first starring/title role.

Gotta remember to bring at least a digicam next time. Was using a cam phone kaya malabo hehe.

At around 7:30PM, everyone was escorted into the cinema where we waited for the rest of the cast to grace the event. None of the other stars came but as soon as we watched the movie, we knew exactly why. This is a Eugene Domingo movie and she is the only star that carried the entire flick on her very meaty shoulders. She was the main star and the only star that the film actually needed and that job she did respectably well. Of course, the film producers were all there to support her including Director Joyce Bernal and Piolo Pascual. And hello, when Piolo entered that cinema, he radiated enough star appeal and they could have announced right there and then na uwian na kasi binabaha ang buong Edsa pero aalis pa rin kaming may smile sa aming mga faces. :D

Almost two hours later, the film ended with the media applauding and as I exited the cinema I realized that I have not had even a second of sleep during the entire screening. Of course that means that I would be dead as I had to run straight to work right after, but hey, it was worth it.

(Will post Review: Kimmy Dora tomorrow.)

P.S. Epal lang. Hehe.

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  1. Anonymous8/29/2009

    don't worry hindi masyadong halatang bangag!

  2. Anonymous8/29/2009

    Mas lalo tuloy akong naexcite mapanood yung film.

  3. Salamat Anonymous, sana next time d ka na anonymous lol.

    @timberboy: nood ka next week ha. fun naman sya :)

  4. i wanna watch this kimmy dora thingy hahaha

  5. i'm so excited to watch this movie. eugene domingo is undoubtedly a brilliant actress!

  6. weeee dale thanks sa pagdaan ha cheers! i'll follow you on twitter hope you'll do the same for me :)



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