Kid Caught Having Sex with Goat

This one is hilarious. American Pie Iloilo style!

Goat dies after having sex with teen
by Regi Adosto, ABS-CBN Iloilo

An 18-year-old boy was arrested after he was caught in the act of having sex with a goat in Leon, Iloilo. Eliseo Minerva immediately called police to report the incident.

Minerva said he saw the boy on top of the goat when he was about to feed the animal. The goat was already dead when authorities arrived, reports said. However, the boy allegedly admitted that he was drunk when he committed the incident.

Reports said that the boy’s parent will have to pay for damages to the goat’s owner.
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  1. Anonymous8/26/2009

    namatay sa sarap ang kambing hahahaha

  2. Anonymous8/29/2009

    Makamandag ang semilya ni kuya!

  3. Anonymous9/02/2009

    that guy needs to be punished. there must be a law against bestiality, it's so immoral and it's not funny.

    a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

  4. Anonymous9/11/2009

    nyahahaha!! wala sigurong pera pambayad sa magdalenang pararausan. kawawang kambing.



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