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Last year, we won a consolidated case of money claims for unpaid wages, 13th month pay, separation pay, allowances and damages against Gamepal International Corporation/Eric Smith et al., after the illegal closure of the company that resulted from Eric Smith's sudden departure from the country and refusal to undergo the proper procedure as prescribed by the Department of Labor and Employment.

I published a 5-part series here in this blog, cataloging the steps that we undertook from the very filing of the case to out victory on paper and eventually our failure to collect because of the non-cooperation of the remaining Filipino Board Members who also went into hiding.

Today, I got a comment on my old post from the name Venalou which also happens to be the name of Eric Smith's Filipina wife. Her comment was trying to provoke and elicit a reaction to a dead issue.

For whether they are one and the same, or if somebody just happened to use the same horrid name, to the Venalou who left a comment, this I will say: I refuse to publish your comment and revive a case that has already been resolved by the National Labor Relations Commission. While it is true that I clarified some things with the former VP of the company and published a post about it, it is only because I retained my respect for the guy despite everything that happened and I deemed it worth my time to reply to him. You on the other hand are not worth that. Besides, I only talk to people and anyone with a name Venalou does not qualify as one.

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  1. hmm regarding about the case.. paano na ang mga player.. kasama nba ang separation/severance pay dun bago kami na terminate dati?

  2. We were never able to collect because the Filipino Board Members (Michelle and Christine) ran out on us and did not sign the papers needed to liquidate the assets. It was victory on paper. The building where Michelle's mother was a board member got the company assets which amounted to more than 2M if I remember correctly.



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