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Jae's Review:

This movie has jumped to the top of my Do-not-forget-movies list (#2 is The Cure) after watching it 3 weeks ago. I have been trying to write a review for this but I just can't seem to find the words so forgive me if this write-up is a bit confusing and scattered. I will just write what comes to my head, no editing.

My friends say that after watching the movie, you will be depressed, sad and probably will cry at the drop of a hat. Thai media has called this the LOS(Love of Siam) Syndrome.

-Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk-

I felt sad, not for myself, but for Mew, since I sincerely think that everyone's first love should be a happy ending. But then again this was actually an open ending, where Tong just needs to concentrate on his family, to make them whole again, before choosing his own happiness. So in a way, I know they will end up together sooner or later.

What this movie brought up in me, however, was a feeling of wistfulness, of nostalgia, of how I was once innocent too. I remember the days (when I was around 16, I think) when I thought how love is unconditional, pure and selfless. That definition changed slowly as I experienced how to fall in love, get hurt, get infatuated, hurt someone, got fooled, played around, etc.

I somehow turned into a person who thought that love is a feeling that we imagine and make up to get an excuse to use somebody or to get into someone's pants, a person who was bitter and cynical and sarcastic about everything.

Even as I turned into a monster, my straight guy bestfriend kept me intact, kept me grounded. He was the one who put a leash on my wild side and prevented me from making fatal mistakes that I would regret for the rest of my life. Well, I still made mistakes, a lot of them actually, but those are mistakes that I was glad I did since I learned a lot from them.

And then he was gone. There was no one else that I would listen to, no one that could bring me back to my senses. During this time of my life, I hurt a lot of people. Good people, people who believed in love, people who didn't deserve to go through what I put them through.

I guess its a cycle that never ends, huh? You're innocent, you fall in love, you get hurt, you turn bitter, you want revenge, you hurt other innocent people and they continue the cycle, ad infinitum.

It never ends.

Until you meet that one person that makes you want to be better, makes you want to be worthy of being with him, makes you want to make him be proud of you. There's nothing more effective, more real than you yourself wanting to change for the better. This I know for a fact.

Hmm... not sure if this is a review about the movie or an introspection of my life. *Laughs*

Anyways, if you like to see a stellar example of how there can be a great gay movie without nudity or sex, this is a must watch. If you like to peek into a gay person's beginnings, an example of how he falls in love, an idea of the hardships he goes through, watch this movie.

If you are gay, this is one movie that you better have in your shelves.

Movie Rating: 5/5

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  1. wow.. at dahil jan.. naalala ko tuloy yung araw na napanood ko to at yung mga sumunod na araw na hindi ko maget over ang movie na to..

    Its one of my favorites too and I'm happy to know that a film like this existed..^^

    I also made a post about this here.. hope you could pay it some visit.. :D


  2. Anonymous10/25/2011

    Dale, tama ang The Cure sa must see movie! Sadly, hirap humanap ng kopya.



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