Jollibee Guild Raids Galleria

Jollibee First RL Meet:

Feathermoon (World of Warcraft RP/PVE) Filipino guild members met up today at Robinson's Galleria. As part of our first out-of-game meet up, we saw Charliebebs Gohetia's "The Thank You Girls," grabbed Whoppers at Burger King, coffee at Gloria Jean's and finally had dinner at Chef d'Angelo. Here are some of the pics of our epic day out. (Cross posted @ Jolliblog)

In the pictures are Jollibee's premiere heroic team: Imman/Draech (Tank 80 Death Knight), Ramby/Dale (DPS Mage), Ashkael/Icey (Holy Priest), Chakaness/Tata (Resto Druid) and Bratinello/Yohann (Feral Druid).

Also with us are Eugene/Yujin, Waffin/Jinkie (Icey's sister), Muffle/Christian and AlexIV/Alex. Nobody bothered to bring a digicam so the picture quality is kinda meh.

P.S. More on "The Thank You Girls" on my next post.

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  1. Yeah hehe. Pero actually, one or another, may common friend or kakilala din lahat ng anjan. So nagkita kita lang.



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