A Day at the Sony Expo 2008


Continuing the tradition of excellence and innovation that set Sony as a world leader in technology, the recently concluded Sony Expo 2008 was a showcase of significant breakthroughs and world's firsts that wowed both bloggers and consumers alike.

The 3-day event was highlighted with the awarding of the "My First Sony Experience" contest where over a hundred entries related how Sony made a mark in the life of the average Filipino. Among these entries, was Bum-Spot's very own experience that was ranked among the top finalists and awarded a Sony Music Player. My favorite part of the Sony Expo 2008 was definitely that unexpected moment when I was called on stage to receive the award. Being a newbie in the blogging business, getting this badge from no less than Sony and of course Nuffnang was indeed a tremendous honor. Winning the most coveted Cyber-shot T700 was Mike Pamero's 'Katas ng Saudi' entry that gave a very visual account of his Sony experience while growing up.

Because of this expo and blog event, I was made aware that Sony has indeed made a mark in most of our lives. Whether its that black and white television that introduced us to our first idols, that fancy walkman that we saved up every penny of our allowance for, or that old camera that molded careers and passion for the arts, Sony has made a home among us Filipinos as well as the rest of the world. With a name that is synonymous to quality, durability and innovation, it is no wonder that our generation has inherited the Sony loyalty of our parents... that same loyalty that we'll pass on to the next generation.

Witness Bum-Spot's Day @ the Sony Expo 2008

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!
Click to see how Sony has touched the lives of different people all over the country. Take note of the following code (0916). First reader to text the completed number will get a P300 mobile phone load to any network.

sony 2491577912870102865

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  1. ang taray naman nito, dale! iyak na lang ako sa sulok. huhuhu... XD

  2. Anonymous12/22/2008

    awww. I liked the game. even though someone already got it. :D Goodluck bum-spot!

  3. @ Emz: May iyak talaga? lol. Goodluck satin lahat Emz. Tira-tira. hehe.

    @Anonymous: ty for playing. Glad you liked it :)

  4. wow, pwdeng pang ad ha... at napapakanta naman ako..

    in my life i love you most. lalala. hehehe.

    Goodluck po :)

  5. @Iva: lol thanks. kinanta mo pa talaga hehe.

  6. genius.

    is this creative or what?

    amoy viao na dito.



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