Badge of Honor

This entry just earned BUM-SPOT this badge of honor ultimately landing one of the three most outstanding blog awards. Details soon....
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  1. lang ya! kwento na dali heheh

  2. You deserve to win the camera. I was really impressed with your entry.

    BTW, wala na pala si Coach Reggie sa Eclipse

  3. Actually, this entry won the camera (http://mikepamero.blogspot.com/2008/11/my-first-sony-experience-is-with-my.html).

    His entry is pretty good and inifortan pa nya. But thanks for the feedback, it means a lot coming from a prolific writer such as yourself.

    SiReggie, balita ko nga din hehe. Nagtext sya last month pero un ung time na d nko nakakagym.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2008

    badge of honor... hahaha... parang sa WoW lang. grats daaaale! :P (syempre super late na naman ang comments)



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