10 reasons why 'The day the Earth Stood Still' remake is NOT a Dud

David Dizon of ABS-CBN wrote an article entitled 10 reasons why 'The Day Earth Stood Still remake is a Dud'. This is only one of the many critic reviews that gave the film a thumbs down and dismissed it as another failed 'Hollywood' remake.

I saw the movie on Friday at the freezing cinema of Shangrila Mall and to offer an opposite perspective, here is my list of the 10 reasons why 'The Day Earth Stood Still' remake is NOT a dud.

Reason #10

In the introductory scene of Jaden Smith, the heir of Will Smith's acting genes, the kid is playing World of Warcraft. This tells us the the scriptwriter knows pop culture and is not an art-tard. If you don't know what an art-tard is, then you are one.

Reason #9

Keanu Reeves has been getting mixed reviews for his non-acting as the alien Klaatu. I believe that he is born to play this role as he delivered effortlessly the character's detached and dispassionate view on the eradication of the human race. The portrayal offers great contrast to Jennifer Connelly's soulful performance.

Reason #8

Jennifer Connelly. I often wonder when they'll make a movie entitled 'The Curious Case of Jennifer Connelly' as this actress seems to be aging in reverse. I have watched her movies since Labyrinth and she has only grown more beautiful over the years. If there's one earthling that can persuade an alien to change his mind about something, Jennifer Connelly would definitely be it.

Reason #7

KathyBates. When Kathy Bates tells Klaatu that he is not to leave the confines of the military facility where he is being kept, I was afraid for Keanu when he disagreed because Kathy might turn Annie Wilkes on him and beat him up for not doing as he's told.

Reason #6

Everyone is jumping in the 'this doesn't live up the original' bandwagon. I'm guessing half of those people have not even seen the original movie because the film actually maintained the soul of the original. It is a decent enough reimagining, updated with what is perceived to be the greatest threat on earth today.

Reason #5

The people in the film were criticized for making stupid decisions. From the unprovoked attack on the alien to the futile attempts to contain the giant android. These are people in panic reacting to a surreal threat.

We live at a time when Jospeh Estrada and George W. Bush were elected president by people who are neither under juress nor in panic. At least the characters in the film have an excuse for acting stupid.

Reason #4

The ABS-CBN critic compared this movie to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He said, "Now sap all the humor, the "cool" Surfer CGI, the Fantastic Four superpowers, all the fun moments with Stan Lee and the bickering between the Thing and Torch, and you've got this movie."

Again if you have seen the original film, one would learn to expect that there is nothing remotely humurous about The Day the Earth Stood Still (pretty long title though). To compare this remake of what is probably the greatest sci-fi movie of all-time to THE WORST (not an exaggeration) superhero movie ever is simply blasphemous.

Reason #3

In one of the film's opening sequences, when Connelly was escorted to a military facility along with other scientists for a briefing on the impending threat on earth, I could feel the magnitude of the threat emanating across the silver screen.

Upon realization and acceptance of the possible demise of the entire city, Connelly calls Jaden to tell him that she loved him. Jaden dismisses this as we all would any mushy declaration of love without realizing that it could have been their last conversation. You see Connelly suppressing a tear but you feel her heart breaking. It is powerful.

Reason #2

The same critic said, "Keanu tells Good Scientist Connelly to drive to a McDonald's where he talks to a Chinese guy who also happens to be an alien. The fate of the earth is decided over a Happy Meal. No wonder we lose."

If you can't see beyond the choice of set and the sponsor plug. though greatly forgivable since McDonalds is so popular I'd go eat there even if I were an alien, then you are missing one of the most affecting scenes in the movie.

Reason #1.

I am totally bummed since I couldn't suppress going to the john and so I missed a few seconds of this scene. John Cleese telling Keanu that "Every civilization has a crisis point. Only in the precipice do we evolve." I think everyone would agree, including the critics, that this is best part of the movie. It is that Yoda moment where we all nod in agreement and hope that there is indeed a chance left. We root for the human race no matter how deranged and hopeless we seem to have become.

Movie Rating: B

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  1. Anonymous12/16/2008

    i saw this with andy and ferdz yesterday and i totally loved the movie... except for the last 2 minutes.

    i SO rooting for keanu reeves to just kill everybody on earth. seriously. i have yet to see an "end of the world" film where the world really ends.

    kaya nga i super liked that m night shyamalan movie (syempre i can't remember the title)where the plants started attacking humans. i was like "yay! go plants! go kill the effing human race!"

  2. I am so /immune to that since I'm a gnome!

    That Shyamalan movie is The Happening. I recommended that to you if I remember right. Ehem.



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