The Wrath of Ramby and Kaelduras

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The Great Ramby (ehem that's me, Dale) and the Perennial Re-roller Kaelduras (Imman) join the elite group of Threun the Obscene (Jerome) and Ashkael the Pointy Toes (Jae) and got ourselves the last two copies left for WotLK in the entire Philippines! Okay I'm exaggerating but that's what we were told by the nice saleslady that gave us the last Datablitz copies that were actually reserved for somebody else. It took a lot of leet mind control on the part of Kaelduras but it sure paid off as you can see the enormous grin on Kael's face. (More pics under the cut.)

Of course buying WotLK won't be complete without a celebration so we dropped by Sbarro for some tasty non-conjured food courtesy of Kaelduras the Perennial Re-roller.

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  1. malapit lang pala ang bldg nyo sa amin. nasa philamlife lang ako at nadadaanan ko yan sa likod pag kumakain. hehe. malay mo makita ko kayo ni jay minsan dyan sa labas.



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