When life has been beating down on you non-stop. When you can't seem to get a break. When you realize that there is no happily ever after, and that life is a result of every little decision that you've made. When you see all your dreams fail. When you have given up on the idea that things will be different and that all your worries will ever be gone. When you realize that it is time to grow up and face life. When you see life face to face and you see that it is not what you imagined it would be. When you have to be to happy for the success of everyone. When you realize that this is the best that it can ever get. When you have used up every ounce of hope and still end up defeated. Hold back the tears. Smile.
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  1. ironically... mas nakakaiyak siya...


  2. nag-e-emo kasi and author :)

  3. ang daming emo mode these days

  4. emo...?! emo ka dyan!
    kiss kita, nakita mo...



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