Ye Olde Times

Looking at these pics is a pretty good indicator how fast we industrialize. Check out what changed in a span of a century (Before on top, present look at the bottom):


Luneta 1800s:


Pasig River:

I wonder what will happen in a hundred years from now?

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  1. wow look at how pasig used to look, so clean!!

    i don't wanna imagine how it'll look like 100 years from now

  2. kahanga hangang larawan at paghahambing. batid kong napakapalad ng mga ninunu natin... mabuhay

  3. Haha meron rin akong ganyan, yun nga lang mas malayo ang past-forward mo. Hehe.

  4. actually, 100 years from now could go both ways.

    Pwedeng sobrang bad na we can't go out without oxygen masks and we have to live inside sealed buildings...

    Pwede ding makadiscover ang tao ng inventions to totally eradicate pollution and other world problems and we start living in paradise. :)

  5. Anonymous10/15/2008

    grabe yung picture ng escolta. talagang ang babaduy pala ng suot nila nung unang panahon... but i'm sure people will say the same thing about us 100 yrs from now lol

  6. 100 years from now, Manila will be a giant Pasig river... that is if Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is correct... pero wag naman sana... I love Manila just the way it is (but i can do without the pasig river stench).

    Great post.



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