Vote NO on 8. Stop the H8.

This blatant display of ignorance and bigotry among my own countrymen is the reason why I support voting NO on Prop 8. This initiative, if passed, aims to change the California constitution and eliminate the right of gay people to marry.

When gay marriage was approved by the California Supreme Court this year, it was a cry of victory against bigotry and it marked what could have been the first step towards acceptance, not only in the USA, but globally. For a brief time, we saw gay couples who have been together for years take their vows and legalize their union. But movers of the church, an institution that is founded on love, equality and understanding, would not stand for gay people having equal rights. They say marriage is not for them/us. They say it is morally wrong and against the bible. They say it's for the protection of the children and the sanctity of marriage that they oppose such unions. They oppose based on hate, ignorance and undeniable bigotry and hide behind the "word of God."

The proponents of the bill make people believe that the initiative is not about rights. They say that gay couples in California already have the rights of heterosexual couples and are being "tolerated." They say, they are merely trying to protect their children and the idea that marriage is solely between a man and a woman. They wave their bible and believe that they are on a moral high ground.

The California Superintendent of Schools, Jack O'Connell, already denied the claim that gay marriage will corrupt children. In a formal statement he said, "Prop 8 has nothing to do with schools or kids. Our schools aren't required to teach anything about marriage and using kids to lie about that is shameful." The ad further states that "regardless how you feel about marriage, it is wrong to eliminate fundamental rights." California's incumbent Governor Arnold Swarzenegger along with all the major newspapers in California already expressed support to VOTE NO ON 8.

Gay people are not asking for special rights. They are asking for equal rights. To be recognized as normal and not merely as people that need to be tolerated. We would want kids to grow up in a society that accepts and respects differences. To understand that there is no need for tolerance because we are not wrongdoers.

We would like a society where religion is not used as a weapon of hate. As a means to make people believe that some are better than others. That some people, just because they are straight deserve better.

In California this week, a man wearing a "No on 8" button was beaten with a "Yes on 8" lawn sign in what police characterized as a possible hate crime. Hundreds of cases of hate crime against gay people are reported every year. These crimes are often perpetrated by people who believe that homosexuals do not have the right to live. The church would of course say, it is not their fault. But when an institution that states that non-believers in their doctrine are to rot in eternal damnation after they die call gay people an intrinsic moral evil and stage rallies to eliminate their rights, what are we to expect from their followers. You cannot plant seeds of hate and expect harmony.

Gay people do not need tolerance. We need to be seen as what we are. Normal. Just like any other John and Jane Doe. Just like any other Juan and Maria dela Cruz.

If you are in California, VOTE NO ON 8 this November. Do not tolerate misinformation. Do not tolerate bigotry. Do not hate people who are different. Teach you children about what is right. Show them what is right.

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