The VP Debate - A Review

Emerging straight from a disastrous interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin's performance in the only Vice-Presidential debate for this election season drew expectations of further failure. Much to the disappointment/satisfaction of the millions of viewers that tuned in, Palin delivered what seemed like a decent performance. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Palin "more than held her own," while the New York Times wrote, "she spoke out with self-assurance and even cockiness."

Biden on the other hand, who is usually known as a cocky-know-it-all, came off sincere and magnanimous, answering only what needed to be addressed and ignored much of Palin's verbal attacks.

Complete coverage of the 2008 VP Debate:

While Palin's supporters may feel that she has finally made a comeback, she actually did nothing more than prove that she can deliver rehearsed slogans and expertly maneuver debate topics that she doesn't seem to be comfortable with into her more practiced speeches.

On "Meet the Press," debate moderator Gwen Ifill said that Palin "more than ignored" her questions, she "blew her off" and decided to "give a stump speech" instead. This spoiled the entire essence of the debate, where two (or more) contenders are supposed to discuss about prescribed topics and not go haywire and pivot only to what you know and what you are comfortable with. And so Sarah Palin made a complete 180 degree turn from her extemporaneous interview with Couric, this time, she came prepared... at least on certain topics and that is all she talked about.

Interview with debate moderator Gwen Ifill:

Although this "trick" failed on the her interview with Couric, who insisted on specific replies to her questions, Palin was able to avoid looking inadequately informed and got away with maneuvering during the debate. A flowchart of what transpired during the said debate was broken down and compiled concisely by dailycos.com.

While Palin successfully strung her sentences together, Biden showed viewers that if he is indeed a Washington elite as Palin claims, then it may not be such a bad thing to be called after all. Coming off sensible and with more than adequate knowledge on the issues at hand, Biden was even responsive to the actual topics of the debate.

Huffingtonpost reports: "Biden repeatedly won high accolades on a wide range of topics. His remarks about the personal trials of having a wife and daughter die in a car accident sent responses from both male and females through the roof. His dig at Dick Cheney -- "the most dangerous Vice President in history" -- and his pledge to end the war in Iraq were similarly popular. When he defended Obama from Palin's attacks, he was held in equally high regard."

CNN poll result: Who won the VP Debate?

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  1. Nice analysis. Iwas ka pa maging bias ah! Lol.

  2. Haha. Well my political stand is clear naman. And even though both VP candidates have blunders, Palin has just made one excuse too many for hers. Nakakatakot especially since sobrang down sila ngayon and apektado din tayo jan. ^^



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