Review: Eagle Eye

Dale's Review:

We saw Eagle Eye over the weekend, and while everyone that I was with loved the movie, I felt like I was the only one that didn't get it because I hated it. Well, maybe hate is such a strong word, after all I liked the relentless-non-stop action, cars plummeting, electrical towers setting off killer sparks (which even with the most advanced AI in the planet, I can't figure out how a computer can program wires to get cut and kill a person), trains derailing and of course explosive chases involving a plane.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In this present-day tale of what looks like a cross between I Robot and Wall-E, there is certainly enough action to keep viewers at the edge of their seats but you have to watch it with an abundance of suspension of disbelief in your pocket as it would also need more than your usual dosage required for a sci-fi/action movie.

Telling a tale of a super-computer gone bad is nothing new these days but this one isn't particularly smart. Well, given that this is set in present time, as opposed to I Robot and Wall-E's futuristic setting, then maybe that's their excuse.

But while I managed to overlook how the inexperienced heroes were able to pull stunts like rob an armored van and fire a shotgun without even a wince or sneak up an 'unguarded' military plane and penetrate the Pentagon, one glaring question is... if a computer is taking steps to get back at a government for making a bad decision that caused innocent lives, why go through the entire charade and kill innocents in the process? Wouldn't it have been easier if 'she' took over the electrical system and electrocuted the targets in their sleep?

Then again, if the computer was at least that smart, then the entire movie would be unnecessary. And that is how it feels in the end. Pointless and unnecessary.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jae's Review

I'll make this quick and short. This movie should have been included in the summer list of blockbuster movies. This is even waaaaay better than Indiana Jones, both action and story-wise.

A sign of a good and entertaining movie for me is when I don't notice how long it is or how time has passed just by watching it. Granted, the story is a bit hard to swallow (are US officials really that slow and dumb?) and even though almost all our technology are now interconnected, everything, most specially those used in the armed forces have redundancy and failsafe plans.

That aside, I was able to suspend my disbelief and go with the story since the action more than makes up for it. After the initial character intro and plot development, it plunges you to a non-stop techno thrill that reminds me a bit of Johnny Mnemonic + Minority Report combined.

I'd recommend that people watch this in theaters to fully experience the sound of the action and to immerse yourself in it. (Unless you have a 9,1 DTS entertainment system plus a screen projector in your home). A good barkada movie, so-so as a date movie.

Non-stop action
seamless transition, no boring/dragging moments
Great sounds and effects

Shia is a bit too young looking for the role, I prefer someone more hunky and cute. Of course, that's just me.
Shaky and inaccurate story.

Rating: 3/5

Average Rating: 2.75/5

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  1. That's because Jerry's twin brother did something to it to prevent her from doing so...

    not to burst your bubble. i just go to watch these kinds of films to relieve stress and not to be burdened by logic. la lang...

    i liked the film

  2. Eagle eye is a marvelous movie I have stunt while watching it. Clearly a grate tasted story backed fantastic acting by Michelle Monaghan and shia labeouf. Mystery all around and enjoy every bit of it. Feels like running with them as the movie goes. A trusted site I always turn in watch free movies at http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com

  3. It still contradicts the presented programming that was the essence of the entire plot which is to kill these leaders because they sacrificed innocent lives, while in the process, killing innocent lives 'herself'. We are then just asked to assume that the computer is effed up and has a programming error contradicting her own strict encoded values.
    Also while the twin brother did not give her the codes needed for the operation to proceed, she was already taking steps to ensure it anyway and all that was done after 'activation' of said operation was to send the woman to the convention where everything is already in place and where more innocent lives will be sacrificed.

  4. @gilan: I will agree on one thing, it is an effective thriller as long as you take it for what it is, take your dose of the suspension of disbelief pill and do not analyze it since plausibility is not one of its strengths.

    On the other hand, Icey loved the movie so you guys may probably agree once he posts his review :)

  5. Hindi ko siya binasa ha.

    Oy, gumaganda ang layout ah. Sino nagdesign sa inyong dalawa? Lol.

  6. All me ang design hehe. I was still learning kasi before.

  7. nice layout dale and icey! keep it up. planning to watch eagle eye after reading your post! :)

  8. it was too unrealistic for me although posible naman in the future. i wish i could be part of the development team that will create something intelligent like that pero sana walang aberyang mangyari just like in the movie. but of course there is no perfect system sabi nga nila.

    while Shia's character is understandable to get involved, Monahan's character confuses me. ano yon, random pick lang silang mag-ina? the action sequences are great but if you really think about the story sobrang fiction lang talaga. very intertaining naman.

  9. count me in dale! i hayyyyrrrred

    ang daming butas, the movie seemed to assume we're dumb viewers

  10. actually, monahan's character was picked because of her son. her son was the planted trigger and she was the bomb.

  11. @Icey - pero diba there are also other kids who play the same kind of instrument? hehe. wala lang.

  12. her kid was the one that would be hitting the last note in the Star spangled banner. the last note is the only one that can trigger the bomb. :)

  13. The point of that is, to kill all the people with the highest position in government so that Michael Chiklis' character becomes the next President.

    If you remember, he was the only person who said bombing the city (in the opening scene) was a bad idea.

    Actually, the film is not illogical and has no loops. But hey, that's AI. It's like magic. No need to analyze it.

    Sorry, delayed reply.

  14. the biggest hole is the AI willing to bomb innocent children and people in that small area just to kill all the leaders. She was supposed to protect the US citizens.

    which means that this particular AI is flawed.

  15. @gilboard: On "If you remember, he was the only person who said bombing the city (in the opening scene) was a bad idea," same idea that flawed the movie. The AI contradicted its own "dont sacrifice the innocents coz it's bad" mantra.

    Flaws aside, it is an effective thriller with the right mix of action and explosions. So if the goal is to unwind and not burden yourself with analyzing stuff, this is definitely worth a watch. :)



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