Dear Sarah

A message to Sarah Palin from the young girls of America:

Sarah, who should you thank for your opportunity to become vice president? Our mothers and grandmothers who fought for women's rights. That's who.Please don't undo all they fought for. Don't make my dad go back to Iraq again.If I would be raped, let me and my parents decide what happens to my body next.Please don't undo everything they fought for. Sarah, why shouldn't my little sister learn to protect herself from strangers? Don't tell me what books I can read, you're not my mom. I don't want people to have automatic guns.Please don't undo everything they fought for. Why does God want us to die in Iraq? Sarah, why do your ideas about sex and creation have to be mine? Women in Alaska get raped over twice as much over women from the rest of the country and yet as Governor you did nothing to stop it. Don't you care about violence against girls and women? Please don't undo what they fought for.

In honor of our mothers and grandmothers. Examine Sarah's record carefully before you vote. Sarah Palin's beliefs could become our future.

Click under the cut for this video.

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