Will '24" Prophesy US Elections Outcome? part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that Obama, being the eloquent speaker that he is and a prodigy of change who is bound to threaten the very fiber of power in Washington, reminds me so much of David Palmer from the series "24". Palmer, who was presented by the series as the first African-American President of the USA, battled through much resistance because of his unpopular but ultimately effective leadership.

Well, apparently, Obama isn't the only one that has a likeness depicted in the show. As I was watching a video of Republican Presidential bet John McCain accepting his nomination at the Republican National Convention today, seeing him falter through his speech and then seeing his lovely wife Cindy, another First Family featured in 24 struck me. Charles and Martha Logan!

Charles Logan was depicted in the show as a reluctant President who took over two terms after Palmer. He is an aged man who is married to a beautiful wife. Additionally, Logan was portrayed as indecisive, weak and unsure of himself. Often relying on his political advisors, Logan who is incapable of making difficult decisions regarding the nation's security would even extract himself from compromising situations, always afraid to contradict what is popular, he would agree with the majority regardless if they are right or wrong.

Then again, eloquence and the gift of gab is hardly the basis in choosing an effective leader. For me, what is integral are the choices made by these candidates in the past... the good, the bad and how they managed to redeem themselves from whatever mistakes that they have committed. For me, these are more solid than whatever platforms they present, as platforms are bound to get ammended to better suit the current political state.

So here they are, hurling political assaults at one another, in footages of both Democratic and Republican National Conventions - Barack Obama and John McCain accepting their respective party's nominations.

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